NYLA International Film Festival

2019 Films


(Following films will screen in Los Angeles)

“  #SLUT ” Dir. by Jenna Kanell

A young writer's life is mysteriously impacted through his writing about an innocent girl at your every day high school who falls prey to a handsome predator in a position of power after being bullied on social media and at school; if she can get out before it's too late, lives will come crashing down.

“  Bang. Bang. ” Dir. by Steven Pierce

In a repressed, old and dusty western town, a hero rides in to bring justice.

“  Born As A Girl ” Dir. by Marek Klosowicz

Pregnant girls at the age of 13 or grandmothers at the age of 26 are of no surprise in Colombian slums. In the poorest social class, violence against women is especially striking: rape, sexual abuse or sex trafficking of minors happen on everyday basis. Teenage pregnancies are extremely prevalent. Colombia is a country that experienced a brutal 50-years long civil war as well as ruthless drug cartels. The long escalation of violence has caused millions of Colombian people to suffer from extreme poverty. The situation in Colombia has forced over 7 million people to leave their homes. Most of them now live in slums. Such a situation is the most difficult for women, who are additionally victims of violence and stigmatization resulting from a characteristic to Latin America machismo culture.

“  Emily ” Dir. by Addie Dobson

A night at the bar binds together a lonely woman and an attractive man for an evening of unforeseen consequences.

“  Home Grown ” Dir. by William Reynish

The 12-year-old girl Darya was once evacuated from a nuclear disaster, and now returns to her hometown to look for her father. When she arrives, everything has changed. The town is grown over by amazing nature, and wild animals have moved in. Darya travels down memory lane and in the overwhelming town she succeeds to find her father. But also he is completely changed and it forces Darya to leave the past behind her and try to adapt to a new world.

“  Illegal ” Dir. by Jesus Nebot

A traffic stop due to speeding takes a turn for the worse landing a mother and her 6 year old daughter in jail.

“  Love Me So Much ” Dir. by Heidi Hornbacher

A space traveler heading to a galaxy called "Far Away" picks up a Love SOS radio frequency from another galaxy called "Closer than Far". Enchanted by the song and the songstress, he aborts his mission and heads toward the Love SOS radio signal. Upon identifying her location through a flower transmission, he sends back a signal for her to enter a space portal. After falling through the portal, she floats through space as he makes his way toward her, grabbing her hand and pulling her into the space traveling car. The 2 drive off into the many setting suns of space and live happily ever after.

“  Margaret Singer: Seeking Light ” Dir. by Louise Palanker

Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, at the age of 17, tragedy and turbulence flung Margaret Singer far from her roots. With courage and purpose she bent darkness into light utilizing her gifts as an artist and poet and her innate sense of truth and joy. Following her own compass, Margaret broke every mold of expectation for a woman, an immigrant and a refugee. She has created a body of work that will inspire generations. 97 year old, Santa Barbara, CA based Margaret Singer is celebrated in the film Margaret Singer: Seeking Light.

“  ME 3.769 ” Dir. by Elaine Del Valle

A Pubescent Latina looks forward to her maturing body, but must soon cope with the sexual misconduct of someone she trusts. 

This project was supported by a grant from Sundance Institute with additional support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

“  Mr. Right Now ” Dir. by Carl Bartels

Of course a woman can get sex anytime she wants, right? Right?! Not Amy!

“  Pink Promise ” Dir. by Christiana Chang

Fang Fang, an eight-year-old country girl, is reclusive and sensitive waiting for her mother to return. Ms. Song gets her in a charity singing contest but the unfulfilled promise she made to her has ultimately broken Fang Fang’s hope. It is a sobering and heart breaking film highlighting China’s rural employment plight and children left behind. 

“  The Universe Is Chewing ” Dir. by Kristin Hanggi & Steve Connell

The Universe is Chewing is the poetic exploration of the world in which we live and the dark unrelenting energy pushing the universe and everything in it forward. 

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