NYLA International Film Festival

2022 Selections


(Following films will screen in Los Angeles)

“  Ali’s Realm  ” Dir. by Mario Torres Jr.

Everyone thinks 15 year old Ali has an imaginary friend because she’s been traumatized by the death of her best friend. What that don’t understand is that Ali’s friend is real.

“  Billie & Mark Almost Get Killed – Can You Dig It?

  ” Dir. by Samantha J McDonald

An ordinary couple have to dig their own graves when they get a little close to a serial killer. They must outsmart him while navigating the hardships of any romantic relationship.

“  Chinatown: Our Only Home  ” Dir. by Tony Wang

Our Only Home explores the passing down of Chinese traditions across generations in Manhattan Chinatown by examining the evolution of the Chinatown community told through intimate stories of two multiple decades-old family businesses and the new generation of young people working to rebuild the neighborhood during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“  For I Am Dead  ” Dir. by Patricia Delso Lucas

In late-1800s Europe, Oscar, a wealthy but lonely middle-aged man who has lived a decadent, superficial life in a chateau filled with wine, courtesans and opium, confesses love to his gardener Jude before he dies of his excesses.

“  Habits  ” Dir. by Sergio Camacho

Old habits die hard, but sometimes turning a new leaf can be scary. Ashton finds out the hard way when her friend unexpectedly drops by to see her.

“  Hindsight  ” Dir. by David Abramsky

Ray and Vanessa, influenced by the terrible advice of their best friends, go on their first date after matching on an app...

“  Living and Dying on September 11th - a Family Story  ”

Dir. by Dr. Jan Philipp Burgard

Living and Dying on September 11th - a Family Story, by Jan Philipp Burgard takes a heart wrenching look at the tragic death of Sebastian Gorki, a German who was killed when the World Trade Center towers were attacked in New York City , he was 27. His wife Paula, miraculously survived, as she made her way to her office in the World Trade Center later than usual due pregnancy related aliments. Their miracle baby now a grown man, a grieving but strong widow, and heartbroken parents share how they are coping with their loss and living their lives 20 years after 9/11.

“  Numb  ” Dir. by Carlos Moreno Jr.

Escape the pain of fully living or "seize the day," courageously feeling all of life? A grieving widow's prescription to get through loss could cost her everything. How far will she go with a lot to lose to alleviate the pain? Will living NUMB get her through? Getting through at any cost can cost everything.

“  On A Tuesday  ” Dir. by Matt Scott Jones

Though they both believe themselves capable of breaking their family's cycle of poverty, pain, and regret, a mother and daughter encounter life changing experiences that perpetuate the cycle.

“  Pra Melhorar  ” Dir. by Mariana Jorge

A family thrive through stormy times, keeping united and positive until the sun comes out and nature start blooming and revealing the beauty of small things, love and friendship. This video talk about Hope in dark times.

“  The Disposal  ” Dir. by Daksh Chadha

The film is about extreme interiors of a village where 4 teenagers go through different emotions while chasing different goals in life. They all find it eventually but through really tragic ways which change them so much that they don't know if they still want to chase those goals anymore.

“  TheSpiritChildren  ” Dir. by Isaiah Crawford

Two young children are drawn to a light. What will it behold?

“  The Crux of The Angst  ” Dir. by John McCloskey

Harold Severidge is dying of cancer. He looks back on his life which turns out to be the lives of many possible others, discrete experiences, dream-like tales.

“  Seahorse  ” Dir. by Khara L Campbell

Dynamic and admirable Caroline and Chris Shaughnessy earned every dream they ever wished for - including each other - and from the outside, they have it all - inside, they've been devastated by miscarriages... until they get the news they've been waiting for: Caroline is having a baby girl! But weeks later, they learn the unfathomable; this marathoning force of a woman also has a rare form of cancer, and Caroline and Chris must decide between the love they have for each other, or their unborn daughter.

“  City Of Roses  ” Dir. by Peter McMurran

A troubled Marine veteran returns home to bury his past, and in so doing, uncovers a city’s dark secrets causing him to choose between loyalty or truth.

“  Bloodlines: The Mogadishu Diaries 1992-1993

  ” Dir. by Eddie Clay Thompkins III

A US Marine recalls his mission to track a Somali Warlord, wherein he is confronted with love, loss and peril, in the most dangerous city in the world.

“  American Nostalgia  ” Dir. by Isaac Ballesteros Barba

Aaron Safdie, a veteran screenwriter struggles in modern Hollywood and its franchise reboots and remakes. Aaron has a mission... to write the next big franchise, the problem is... he only wants to write his original stuff.

After being denied from original films, Aaron will take matters into his hands while trying to finish the script.

“  Alta California  ” Dir. by Lynn Elliott

The time is the turbulent and violent California mission era. A mixed-blood young man, who witnessed the slaughter of his tribe and mother, now serves as an unbaptized mission scout struggling to find a home, a place he belongs in his ever evolving world.

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