NYLA International Film Festival

2018 Winners

NYLA (LA) 2017 Winners

Audience Award

“  I Need You ” Dir. by Gracie Bellissimo

Best Narrative Feature

“  Kroatoa ” Dir. by Roberto Durrant

Best Narrative Short

“  The Circle ” Dir. by Sheldon Schwartz

Best Documentary Feature

“  Biarritz Surf Gang ” Dir. by Nathan Curren & Pierre Denoyel

Best Documentary Short

“  Los Angeles To New York: Dwan Gallery ” Dir. by Carroll Moore

Best Student Film

“  The Waltz Of  The Monsters ” Dir. by Gabriele Fabbro

Best Animation

“  Flutter ” Dir. by Vladimir Todorov

Best Music Video

“  The Federal Empire ” Dir. by I.N.L.Y.F

Best Script

“  Hawk Moon ”  by Cal Athan

Best Director

“  The Circle ” Dir. by Sheldon Schwartz

Best Actor

Ryan Phillippe   “ The Circle ”

Best Actress

Lori Alan    “ Do The Voice ”

Award Of Excellence

“  Blind Love ”  by Julie Sayres

Award Of Excellence

“  Giga Trippers ”  by Tess Ws

Award Of Excellence

“  Riggers ”  by Dane Krogman

Award Of Excellence

“  Running Blind ”  by John T. Frederick

Award Of Excellence

“  The Power Of The Butterflies ”  by Sergiu Valcu

Award Of Excellence

“  Year Of The Rabbit ”  by Julie Fischer

8th Annual

New York Screenings