NYLA International Film Festival

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The chief principle behind the NYLA International Film Festival is to create prominent networking and artistic interaction between talented independent filmmakers, writers, distributers and film enthusiasts.

The New York Los Angeles International Film Festival is a biannual event taking place in two of the biggest media cities in the world.  We kicked off our first Season with screenings in New York and Los Angeles all within 10 days.  We now will resume with our normal screening sessions by having our New York screenings in May and our Los Angeles screenings in October.  Thus, providing filmmakers with maximum exposure and networking opportunities for their projects. The NYLA humbly takes honor in providing such a platform for the many independent filmmakers and writers attempting to launch their careers and share their creative talents.  With becoming one of the larger independent festivals on the horizon, we look forward to kicking off the New York Screening session of the NYLA this May and showcasing the expressive artistry of the stars of tomorrow.


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14th Annual

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