NYLA International Film Festival

2024 Selections


(Following films will screen in Los Angeles)

“ Almost Home  ” Dir. by  Robert Lin

Allen Li, a second generation Taiwanese American immigrant, attempts to navigate a broken familial relationship on the night of a big college senior party.

“ December Fades - "Sunrise"  ” Dir. by  Joel Umbaugh

Against the backdrop of untamed nature basked in warm spectral colors of endless dawn, “Sunrise” channels the torment and seduction of ever fleeting moments. Now memories in time revisited in place, he yearns for the chance to hold her again, to witness the sun's first kiss upon her face.

“ Dreamers  ” Dir. by  Frank Zanella

Juan and other three immigrants cross the United States in the back of a truck. The four, illuminated by a dangling light, share dreams and ambitions for the future.

“ Dulce  ” Dir. by  Aleyda Ortiz

Dulce is a short 3D animated film that explores the loving relationship between mother and daughter while balancing the heavy concept of death.

“ Mei Mei  ” Dir. by  Daniel Jiaxuan Huang

Last November, cancer cruelly took my beloved grandpa. As a child, his home welcomed me and my sister with warm meals and laughter. Though an ocean away studying abroad in the United States when he passed, grief overwhelmed me at the sight of his lifeless face on my mother's phone. I struggled to accept his absence. Yet, in the depths of sorrow, a glimmer of humanity emerged. Mei, a single mother and overworked hospital caretaker, tended to Grandpa in his final days. Society deemed her role insignificant, salary minuscule. But compassion anchored her care. Daily, she kept Grandpa company through card games, back rubs, and conversation, easing his loneliness. Her bare hands never recoiled from the messy indignities of illness. My grandpa cherished her gentle attendance, telling my mother that Mei cared for him like family.

“ No Air for Angels  ” Dir. by  Erin Elizabeth

Laird goes to great lengths to bring her estranged father-in-law back into America in order to repair what’s left of her fragmented family and keep those she loves close. Fighting painful memories she holds onto a hopeful future even if it questions her own sanity and forces her to face irrevocable losses.

“ Resilient  ” Dir. by  Caleb Gingras & David Ouimet

Resilient is a story about a trail runner and photographer who navigates suicide and mental illness through trail running.

“ Road Home  ” Dir. by  Stepan Sokolov

Anna needs to get home urgently. A disturbing call from her grandmother and she is on her way to the forgotten town of her childhood located in the middle of nowhere. On her way back home, there are strange dances and dancers. Some are professional and pleasant but some are not. Anna is compelled to observe them silently and whilst being distracted she loses her belongings and illusions… Facing even her death, she finally reaches her birthplace only to face her mother’s. On her mother’s funeral, Anna realizes that the dance of her own soul is just about to start.

“ Sparks - The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte  ”

Dir. by  Ron Mael, Russell Mael & Richie Starzec

The music video for The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte by Sparks, from the 2023 album of the same title.   Cate Blanchett is flanked by Sparks' Ron Mael & Russell Mael for this one shot video. Deadpan and expressionless throughout, her movement is a direct reaction to the emotions and musicality of the track.

“ The Curse Effect  ” Dir. by  Gregg Jaden

A True Story - Documentary

Dive deep into the heart of Indonesia's Borneo jungle with 'THE CURSE EFFECT.' This riveting mini-documentary delivers never-before-seen footage of one of the most feared tribes on earth, Suku Dayak. Enter a world of the tribe's private way of life known for its voodoo traditions, daily rituals, and historical enemy headhunting. Defying the odds as a foreign outsider, filmmaker Gregg Jaden miraculously earned the tribe's trust, gaining access to film them like never before... at the tribe's land. Uncovering the mystery of a voodoo curse and their fight against a deadly, unseen evil.

“ The Miracle of You  ” Dir. by  Peter Spruyt

A five-minute pitch-black comedy in which a man takes the viewer on his meditation journey to inner peace -- the need for which is revealed in the film's final seconds.

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