NYLA International Film Festival

2020 Winners

NYLA (LA) 2020 Winners

Best Narrative Feature

“  Saviour Angel  ” Dir. by Irina Gedrovich

Best Narrative Short

“  Prelude Of A Corpse  ” Dir. by Arin Inan Aslan

Best Documentary Feature

“  Native Wisdom- The Peoples of Eastern Oregon

    ” Dir. by Tim Keenan Burgess & Lawrence Johnson

Best Documentary Short

“  Reyna  ” Dir. by Stella Franceskides

Best Student Film

“  Gloria  ” Dir. by Meiru Lu

Best Animation

“  Redemption  ” Dir. by Seora Hong

Best Music Video

“  Baby Boomer Rap  ” Dir. by Pam Price

Best Script

“  The Last Day Of Paradise  ”  by  Kiki Denis

Award Of Excellence

“  Brook Farm  ” Dir. by Alexander Wake

Award Of Excellence

“  Flock Hers  ”  by  James Samuel

Award Of Excellence

“  Headway  ”  by  Geoffrey J.D. Payne

Award Of Excellence

“  McLucky's St. Paddy's Day Bar Crawl  ”  by  Stephen John Beyer

Award Of Excellence

“  The Adventures of John and Mary  ”  by  Robert Wagner

Best Director

“  zzzzzzzz  ” Dir. by zzzzzzz

Best Actor

zzzzzzzz   “ zzzzz ”

Best Actress

zzzzzzz   “ zzzzzzz ”

Audience Award

“  ????? ”  Dir. by ????

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