NYLA International Film Festival

2023 Selections


(Following films will screen in Los Angeles)

“  Driverless  ” Dir. by Charles Pelletier

The first road movie with no drivers. Written and directed by Charles Pelletier. Produced by Stephen Foster. When all that’s good about middle-class workers meets all that’s bad about corporate millionaires and all that’s wrong with technology, the inevitable result is a hysterical new comedy short that slashes the tires of corporate America.

“  Generational Trauma  ” Dir. by Alan J. Chriest

We may inherit many things from our family such as heirlooms and how we look, and sometimes we may inherit trauma.

“  House of the Unholy  ” Dir. by Daniel Merlot

A blood thirsty Princess hunts down the last of the Indigo Elders tribe. She seeks a magical elixir in his heart that will grant her the powers to reign over the Kingdom for an Eternity.  Shit doesn't go as planned.

“  Journalist at war - voice of the victims  ” Dir. by Morten Offerdal & Vegard Lund Bergheim

In this compelling and highly dramatic documentary, we follow war reporters Afshin Ismaeli and Tor Arne Andreassen as they travel to Syria to document the collapse of ISIS. Shot on the frontlines of the final battles between Kurdish-led coalition forces and the last remnants of the ISIs forces, the film shows the journalists interviewing soldiers, child refugees and prisoners of war. Among the latter are several men and women who tell Ismaeli and Andreassen why they left their safe and comfortable lives in Scandinavia to join the ISIS caliphate.

“  Love's Gate  ” Dir. by Nick Trivundza & Lexie Trivundza

In this dramedy, a rambunctious group assembles in heaven from very diverse backgrounds. At Love's Gate, their ultimate purpose is to connect people on Earth with their elusive soulmate. Once one of the office workers of Love’s Gate engages in a person’s possible relationship, unknowingly to the two people involved, a series of events will unfold to bring them together. Love will spark or love will fizzle. Free will always reigns. Surely Red, a cowboy from the 1800's, and Carol from the 1940's can work past their own shortcomings to create a love match. But will the 1980's swagger of Preston and the lovely, soft-spoken Aiko from 1600's Japan be able to connect the love dots? The ultimate supreme being, known as O.G., is the captain of the ship that keeps them all afloat. That is until the quirky demon, Haden, turns things upside down. Fortunately, The Kid, from the time of Shakespeare, has just arrived to make sense of it all.

“  May The Pawn Reaches The End  ” Dir. by Tien Yuan

On the afternoon of the high school graduation, Xiaomei experienced her own unique growth.

“  Our Beautiful World  ” Dir. by Ian Williams

A nice & well-off couple spend a perfect weekend day together.

“  Reminiscence  ” Dir. by Jia Zhao

A poet travels through landscapes that are like poems and paintings, understanding his dreams and looking for his transcendence.

“  The Movement   ” Dir. by Calvin Peters

A struggling writer befriends a member of a right wing group "the movement" through gaming with intent to write a story on the group. His intentions falter when he forms a friendship with his subject.

“  The Rain Has Passed  ” Dir. by Marina Nikolaevna Edwards

Brad, a famous artist, grieves the loss of his wife after a tragic accident. He blames himself wishing for only one thing: to have 5 more minutes to say how much he loved her. A stranger shows up who gives Brad a chance to look at his life from different angle.

“  This and That  ” Dir. by Katie Garibaldi

In an effort to free herself from writer's block, an aspiring screenwriter with big dreams decides to share her truth despite doubts, all while navigating challenging life changes brought on by divorce.

“  Angst  ”  by Tommy Miller, Aaveen Marandi, Shane O'Shea

In 2006, middle school boys Channing, Raj and Angel befriend Zion who's family has just moved into the neighborhood. The four boys forge a strong bond between them and experience formative years of adolescence together. Juxtaposed with the present day, the changes the friends have undergone over time become more apparent.

“  For Lila  ”  by Kaitron Sentrel Bryant

An Immigration officer, relieved of duty, goes on a vigilante mission to save a migrant girl from her captors

“  Love and Other Bloody Messes  ”  by Brian McGrath

Zombies are on the attack! The fate of humankind is on the line. Can two high school loaners team up to save the planet? Will anyone come to their aid? Yes, and you'll never believe who!

“  Marmalade  ”  by Jeffrey Morin

An elderly theater director now lives in the playhouse where she once produced 40 seasons of children’s theater. A brash New York actor returns to the playhouse to meet with the director that inspired him to pursue a career on stage. The night becomes a twisted dream partially based in a play he had written as a tribute to the director with spirited fantasy in performance after too much vodka. The story is part fiction colored by true memories of an actor who once performed inside Children’s Theater of Madison.

“  The Hitchcock Murders  ”    by Andy Maycock

In 1953 Los Angeles, a reluctant private eye stumbles into a multiple-murder investigation with strange connections to the Master of Suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

“  Worth The Weight  ” by Peter Panagos

An overweight man in his 30s struggles with love and life. He attempts to change his luck in love without having to completely change himself.

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