NYLA International Film Festival

2011 NY Tickets & Schedule


New York Screenings

Saturday May 7th 2011

The Producers Club

358 West 44th Street

New York NY 10036

80 Seat Capacity

Block # 1  (Saturday May 7th)


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All Screenings May 7th

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“The Mouse That Soared” Dir. by Kyle Bell

A famous flying circus mouse reflects on his humble beginnings in this high-altitude adventure in aerodynamics.

“Saving Face” Dir. by Peter James Iengo

Moments away from the greatest day of her life, Ally Park has no joy, no jitters and no love in her heart. Forced into consummating a loveless wedding by her overbearing, yet unsympathetic mother, Ally seeks a doorway to freedom to which only she has the key to...

“The Other Soilder” Dir. by Paul Hatzinicoletos

June 6th, 1944. D-Day, Normandy, France.  Two 82nd airborne US paratroopers miss their drop zone due to heavy enemy fire and land behind enemy lines. They are scattered about 8km from their rendez-vous point. They are ambushed by German soldiers as they try to make their way to their objective. Halfway to St. Mere Eglise they are confronted by what appears to be an enemy Sniper. With courage, honor and sacrifice they must stand their ground. In battle they willingly accept their fate to defeat their enemy in order to survive and complete their mission for their country.

“5150 Hold”  Dir. by Shirley Monsarrat

Two sisters, separated, then reunited. Mental disorder: Chaos.

“Eat Me” Dir. by Rocco Nisivoccia Jr.

Like most people, Brady Toluca's world is a constant compromise. The hot tempered ex-solider must contend with a dead end job, a deceased personal life, and a world inhabited by rehabilitated Zombie's. But when Brady loses a promotion to an undead counterpart, he sets out to prove his suspicions of the former flesh eaters are justified.

“The Escape” Dir. by James Connelly

Jasper, a lowly worker in one of England's filthiest prisons, serves as the hangman's assistant and cleans up the bodies of the dead. When he learns that his estranged son, William, has been imprisoned for petty theft and is set to hang, Jasper must reconnect with William and find a way to break him free.

Block # 2 (Saturday May 7th)


(Tickets will be held at the theaters box office on the day of the festival. All sales are final)


“Trio” Dir. by Danny Aiello III

Jess and her two best friends go out for a night on the town, where Jess finds herself haunted by a mysterious Bag Lady. This just serves to remind her of the one thing she can never seem to let go of... Him.

“Highrise” Dir. by Robbie Norris

A dangerous late night affair in a high-rise forces Peter to face his demons and mend his relationship with his estranged brother.

“The Homecoming Queen” Dir. by Rammy Park

In her oppressively small Korean-American community, 17 year old Grace's affair with a classmate's father cuts too close to home.

“That Girl, That Time” Dir. by Bank Tangjaitrong

That Girl, That Time is a romantic story about what happens when you come close enough to the person you are meant to be with forever. Over the course of one day, two flawed souls (Charlotte and Lucas) explore one another. It is a character driven story with self-discovery, isolation, and redemption. The film evokes a redeeming understanding between two partners in a world, which is itself unknowable.

“Quirk Of Fate” Dir. by Marco J. Riedl

'Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles isn't a realist!' - Billy Wilder

A quirk of fate leads Luke Hallow to risk violating his parole and losing his newly won freedom. He has to save the life of his nine-year-old daughter, Noel, who urgently needs a donor heart. Only a miracle keeps him from losing everything forever.

Block # 3 (Saturday May 7th)


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“Oh Baby, I Love You!” Dir. by Mary Angelica Molina

When Valerie Cohen finally meets a guy who isn't a 'total douche,' she takes to her friends to help her overcome a sexual tick that's been plaguing her recent romantic endeavors: every time she has an orgasm, she says 'I love you.' She soon learns that her sexual tick is the least of her intimacy issues.

“A Sense Of Humor” Dir. by Nathan Larkin-Connolly

When struggling stand-up comedian, Charlie West, meets the girl of his dreams he is shocked to find that she was born without the ability to laugh. Charlie is used to silence in the comedy clubs but not from the love of his life. He decides to make it his very purpose to get her to crack up, but when things don't seem to be going as planned Charlie wonders if he'll have to choose between love and laughter.

“You Me And The Circus” Dir. by Ty Hodges

This is a film about love gone awry masked in a fantasy world of music and dance.

Block # 4 (Saturday May 7th)


(Tickets will be held at the theaters box office on the day of the festival. All sales are final)


“Daisy Cutter” Dir. by Enrique Garcia & Ruben Salazar

Daisy Cutter' is a reflection of how it is more painful for a human being to live the lost of the loved ones than to die. Therefore, Zaira collects every day, in a park in his hometown of Baghdad, daisies for a friend who misses, not to forget him, not to lose him ...

“Who Am I” Dir. by Dawn Young

This music video shines a light on an increasingly prevalent and heart breaking disease in which the victim gradually forgets personal history, how to function in society and how to survive. 'Who I Am' is performed by Jon Pousette-Dart for our upcoming feature documentary 'Forget Me Not' on the subject of Alzheimer's disease. Pousette-Dart has also included the song is his forthcoming CD release 'Antigravity.

“Don’t Wake Me Up” Dir. by Lydia Galeno

A dancer loses his sight and is is very injured after an accident. He wakes up weak and desperate but he tries to move around his room full of memories. He crashes and gives up many times but something inside him keeps fighting. His alter-ego, a brilliant dancer, walks him through his battle reminding him of the importance to stand up and fight for what he loves.

“Siren” Dir. by Andras Novak

A story about a young Hungarian boy and his fatal acquaintance with a Russian soldier during the 1956 Revolution in Budapest, which leads to an unusual trip down memory lane.

“Pop” Dir. by Tobias Andersson

When a young boy reluctantly joins his father on a rabbit hunt deep in the snowy mountains, their relationship is put to the test.

“The After Party (The Last Party 3)” Dir. by Michael Schiller

'The After Party' is a documentary feature film about a cinematographer who is caught in a mass arrest. His film crew's videotape of the incident leads to a civil rights lawsuit, uncovers a police spying ring and launches his personal investigation in to the weird world of domestic surveillance. With special appearances by Andre '3000' Benjamin, Barack Obama, The Bush Twins, Cornel West, Al Sharpton and Don King.

Saturday May 7th 2011

Filmmaker Q&A at the end of each block.

Filmmaker Q&A at the end of each block.

Filmmaker Q&A at the end of each block.

Filmmaker Q&A at the end of each block.

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