NYLA International Film Festival

Past Films

2023 NYLA

“ Almost Home  ” Dir. by  Robert Lin

Allen Li, a second generation Taiwanese American immigrant, attempts to navigate a broken familial relationship on the night of a big college senior party.

“ December Fades - "Sunrise"  ” Dir. by  Joel Umbaugh

Against the backdrop of untamed nature basked in warm spectral colors of endless dawn, “Sunrise” channels the torment and seduction of ever fleeting moments. Now memories in time revisited in place, he yearns for the chance to hold her again, to witness the sun's first kiss upon her face.

“ Dreamers  ” Dir. by  Frank Zanella

Juan and other three immigrants cross the United States in the back of a truck. The four, illuminated by a dangling light, share dreams and ambitions for the future.

“ Dulce  ” Dir. by  Aleyda Ortiz

Dulce is a short 3D animated film that explores the loving relationship between mother and daughter while balancing the heavy concept of death.

“ No Air for Angels  ” Dir. by  Erin Elizabeth

Laird goes to great lengths to bring her estranged father-in-law back into America in order to repair what’s left of her fragmented family and keep those she loves close. Fighting painful memories she holds onto a hopeful future even if it questions her own sanity and forces her to face irrevocable losses.

“ Resilient  ” Dir. by  Caleb Gingras & David Ouimet

Resilient is a story about a trail runner and photographer who navigates suicide and mental illness through trail running.

“ Road Home  ” Dir. by  Stepan Sokolov

Anna needs to get home urgently. A disturbing call from her grandmother and she is on her way to the forgotten town of her childhood located in the middle of nowhere. On her way back home, there are strange dances and dancers. Some are professional and pleasant but some are not. Anna is compelled to observe them silently and whilst being distracted she loses her belongings and illusions… Facing even her death, she finally reaches her birthplace only to face her mother’s. On her mother’s funeral, Anna realizes that the dance of her own soul is just about to start.

“ Sparks - The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte  ”

Dir. by  Ron Mael, Russell Mael & Richie Starzec

The music video for The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte by Sparks, from the 2023 album of the same title.   Cate Blanchett is flanked by Sparks' Ron Mael & Russell Mael for this one shot video. Deadpan and expressionless throughout, her movement is a direct reaction to the emotions and musicality of the track.

“ The Miracle of You  ” Dir. by  Peter Spruyt

A five-minute pitch-black comedy in which a man takes the viewer on his meditation journey to inner peace -- the need for which is revealed in the film's final seconds.

“ CANCER/EVOLUTION Episode 1: The Dustbin of History  ”

Dir. by  Maggie Jones & Brad Jones

The newest hope for cancer is actually one of the oldest.
Buried for a century, the metabolic theory of cancer is overturning entrenched dogma and reshaping the future of cancer treatment.

Episode 1 of this 5-part docuseries addresses the history of the metabolic theory of cancer through the story of Nobel laureate Otto Warburg, a gay, Jewish scientist under aegis of the Nazis.

“ Cry For Me  ” Dir. by  Ben Cassiani & Daniel Laurent

Centered around domestic violence and sexual abuse, this is a story of just how fast small circumstances can escalate and the harsh realities that some live with and unfortunately succumb to. Inspired by a recent tragedy, this is a tale of survival and hopefully the catalyst for change from the perpetrators and for the survivors.

“ Hey Alexa   ” Dir. by  Rebecca Demeter

Alexa is helpful, she's funny, she's kind, she's a friend, who is she? A day in her life...with us.

“ Let’s Dance  ” Dir. by  Shengyi He

Shi Nan, a sensitive girl with low self-esteem, wants to sing to her favorite person at a friend's party but is afraid to sing out loud. Michelle, an outspoken and confident girl, comes forward to help her out. Although the two have very different personalities, they resonate with each other at once. Under Michelle's influence, Shi Nan gradually relieves her body anxiety and the tension with her father, faces her heart to do what she likes instead of what others think is right. In the end, Shi Nan walks onto stage and sings the song that belongs to her and Michelle, but Michelle chooses to leave…

“ Look Around  ”

Dir. by  Ulisses Malta Junior & Gustavo Azevedo Santos

When two teenagers in the suburbs of São Paulo break into a house to get food and find stacks of cash, they must now hide their secret in their high-crime neighborhood.

“ Marguerite; They Call Me Maggie  ” Dir. by  Benjamin Burt

Breaking down stereotypes of the un housed.

“ Pioneering Spirits  ” Dir. by  Stephan Blinn

Pioneering Spirits is, on its surface, the story of a most unlikely partnership between a rogue American sake brewer and a hundred-year-old-plus heritage water brand. Like any fine libation, however, what ultimately emerges is even richer and more complex - an intriguing character exploration of three very different individuals whose unique talents and perspectives drive them beyond the comforts of their own successes to embrace the understanding that, like true pioneers, real innovation comes not by just thinking different but by pro-actively crossing boundaries and building relationships in the most unlikely of places.

“ The Handsome Man  ” Dir. by  Misty Shipman & Hope Shipman

When River meets a stranger who calls himself "The Handsome Man," on the borders of her reservation, she invites him home, and all manner of commotion ensues. Can Grandpa restore balance to the family and heal a generations' old curse?

“ This Is What War Is Like  ” Dir. by  Orken Tokmagambetov

Music video for song "This is what War is Like"

“ To The Moon  ” Dir. by  Dalton Mauro &  Julian Martin

This is the first of an animated 3D short series inspired from a mixed media art series focused on highlighting the highs and lows of human relationships…as well as addressing issues of mental health.

These shorts are designed with the intention to uplift and give hope to viewers. Letting them know that they & we are not alone in almost anything that we experience. No matter how difficult.

2022 NYLA

“  Driverless  ” Dir. by Charles Pelletier

The first road movie with no drivers. Written and directed by Charles Pelletier. Produced by Stephen Foster. When all that’s good about middle-class workers meets all that’s bad about corporate millionaires and all that’s wrong with technology, the inevitable result is a hysterical new comedy short that slashes the tires of corporate America.

“  Generational Trauma  ” Dir. by Alan J. Chriest

We may inherit many things from our family such as heirlooms and how we look, and sometimes we may inherit trauma.

“  House of the Unholy  ” Dir. by Daniel Merlot

A blood thirsty Princess hunts down the last of the Indigo Elders tribe. She seeks a magical elixir in his heart that will grant her the powers to reign over the Kingdom for an Eternity.  Shit doesn't go as planned.

“  Journalist at war - voice of the victims  ” Dir. by Morten Offerdal & Vegard Lund Bergheim

In this compelling and highly dramatic documentary, we follow war reporters Afshin Ismaeli and Tor Arne Andreassen as they travel to Syria to document the collapse of ISIS. Shot on the frontlines of the final battles between Kurdish-led coalition forces and the last remnants of the ISIs forces, the film shows the journalists interviewing soldiers, child refugees and prisoners of war. Among the latter are several men and women who tell Ismaeli and Andreassen why they left their safe and comfortable lives in Scandinavia to join the ISIS caliphate.

“  Love's Gate  ” Dir. by Nick Trivundza & Lexie Trivundza

In this dramedy, a rambunctious group assembles in heaven from very diverse backgrounds. At Love's Gate, their ultimate purpose is to connect people on Earth with their elusive soulmate. Once one of the office workers of Love’s Gate engages in a person’s possible relationship, unknowingly to the two people involved, a series of events will unfold to bring them together. Love will spark or love will fizzle. Free will always reigns. Surely Red, a cowboy from the 1800's, and Carol from the 1940's can work past their own shortcomings to create a love match. But will the 1980's swagger of Preston and the lovely, soft-spoken Aiko from 1600's Japan be able to connect the love dots? The ultimate supreme being, known as O.G., is the captain of the ship that keeps them all afloat. That is until the quirky demon, Haden, turns things upside down. Fortunately, The Kid, from the time of Shakespeare, has just arrived to make sense of it all.

“  May The Pawn Reaches The End  ” Dir. by Tien Yuan

On the afternoon of the high school graduation, Xiaomei experienced her own unique growth.

“  Our Beautiful World  ” Dir. by Ian Williams

A nice & well-off couple spend a perfect weekend day together.

“  Reminiscence  ” Dir. by Jia Zhao

A poet travels through landscapes that are like poems and paintings, understanding his dreams and looking for his transcendence.

“  The Movement   ” Dir. by Calvin Peters

A struggling writer befriends a member of a right wing group "the movement" through gaming with intent to write a story on the group. His intentions falter when he forms a friendship with his subject.

“  The Rain Has Passed  ” Dir. by Marina Nikolaevna Edwards

Brad, a famous artist, grieves the loss of his wife after a tragic accident. He blames himself wishing for only one thing: to have 5 more minutes to say how much he loved her. A stranger shows up who gives Brad a chance to look at his life from different angle.

“  This and That  ” Dir. by Katie Garibaldi

In an effort to free herself from writer's block, an aspiring screenwriter with big dreams decides to share her truth despite doubts, all while navigating challenging life changes brought on by divorce.

“  Angst  ”  by Tommy Miller, Aaveen Marandi, Shane O'Shea

In 2006, middle school boys Channing, Raj and Angel befriend Zion who's family has just moved into the neighborhood. The four boys forge a strong bond between them and experience formative years of adolescence together. Juxtaposed with the present day, the changes the friends have undergone over time become more apparent.

“  For Lila  ”  by Kaitron Sentrel Bryant

An Immigration officer, relieved of duty, goes on a vigilante mission to save a migrant girl from her captors

“  Love and Other Bloody Messes  ”  by Brian McGrath

Zombies are on the attack! The fate of humankind is on the line. Can two high school loaners team up to save the planet? Will anyone come to their aid? Yes, and you'll never believe who!

“  Marmalade  ”  by Jeffrey Morin

An elderly theater director now lives in the playhouse where she once produced 40 seasons of children’s theater. A brash New York actor returns to the playhouse to meet with the director that inspired him to pursue a career on stage. The night becomes a twisted dream partially based in a play he had written as a tribute to the director with spirited fantasy in performance after too much vodka. The story is part fiction colored by true memories of an actor who once performed inside Children’s Theater of Madison.

“  The Hitchcock Murders  ”    by Andy Maycock

In 1953 Los Angeles, a reluctant private eye stumbles into a multiple-murder investigation with strange connections to the Master of Suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

“  Worth The Weight  ” by Peter Panagos

An overweight man in his 30s struggles with love and life. He attempts to change his luck in love without having to completely change himself.

“  Ali’s Realm  ” Dir. by Mario Torres Jr.

Everyone thinks 15 year old Ali has an imaginary friend because she’s been traumatized by the death of her best friend. What that don’t understand is that Ali’s friend is real.

“  Billie & Mark Almost Get Killed – Can You Dig It?

  ” Dir. by Samantha J McDonald

An ordinary couple have to dig their own graves when they get a little close to a serial killer. They must outsmart him while navigating the hardships of any romantic relationship.

“  Chinatown: Our Only Home  ” Dir. by Tony Wang

Our Only Home explores the passing down of Chinese traditions across generations in Manhattan Chinatown by examining the evolution of the Chinatown community told through intimate stories of two multiple decades-old family businesses and the new generation of young people working to rebuild the neighborhood during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“  For I Am Dead  ” Dir. by Patricia Delso Lucas

In late-1800s Europe, Oscar, a wealthy but lonely middle-aged man who has lived a decadent, superficial life in a chateau filled with wine, courtesans and opium, confesses love to his gardener Jude before he dies of his excesses.

“  Habits  ” Dir. by Sergio Camacho

Old habits die hard, but sometimes turning a new leaf can be scary. Ashton finds out the hard way when her friend unexpectedly drops by to see her.

“  Hindsight  ” Dir. by David Abramsky

Ray and Vanessa, influenced by the terrible advice of their best friends, go on their first date after matching on an app...

“  Living and Dying on September 11th - a Family Story  ”

Dir. by Dr. Jan Philipp Burgard

Living and Dying on September 11th - a Family Story, by Jan Philipp Burgard takes a heart wrenching look at the tragic death of Sebastian Gorki, a German who was killed when the World Trade Center towers were attacked in New York City , he was 27. His wife Paula, miraculously survived, as she made her way to her office in the World Trade Center later than usual due pregnancy related aliments. Their miracle baby now a grown man, a grieving but strong widow, and heartbroken parents share how they are coping with their loss and living their lives 20 years after 9/11.

“  Numb  ” Dir. by Carlos Moreno Jr.

Escape the pain of fully living or "seize the day," courageously feeling all of life? A grieving widow's prescription to get through loss could cost her everything. How far will she go with a lot to lose to alleviate the pain? Will living NUMB get her through? Getting through at any cost can cost everything.

“  On A Tuesday  ” Dir. by Matt Scott Jones

Though they both believe themselves capable of breaking their family's cycle of poverty, pain, and regret, a mother and daughter encounter life changing experiences that perpetuate the cycle.

“  Pra Melhorar  ” Dir. by Mariana Jorge

A family thrive through stormy times, keeping united and positive until the sun comes out and nature start blooming and revealing the beauty of small things, love and friendship. This video talk about Hope in dark times.

“  The Disposal  ” Dir. by Daksh Chadha

The film is about extreme interiors of a village where 4 teenagers go through different emotions while chasing different goals in life. They all find it eventually but through really tragic ways which change them so much that they don't know if they still want to chase those goals anymore.

“  TheSpiritChildren  ” Dir. by Isaiah Crawford

Two young children are drawn to a light. What will it behold?

“  The Crux of The Angst  ” Dir. by John McCloskey

Harold Severidge is dying of cancer. He looks back on his life which turns out to be the lives of many possible others, discrete experiences, dream-like tales.

“  Seahorse  ” Dir. by Khara L Campbell

Dynamic and admirable Caroline and Chris Shaughnessy earned every dream they ever wished for - including each other - and from the outside, they have it all - inside, they've been devastated by miscarriages... until they get the news they've been waiting for: Caroline is having a baby girl! But weeks later, they learn the unfathomable; this marathoning force of a woman also has a rare form of cancer, and Caroline and Chris must decide between the love they have for each other, or their unborn daughter.

“  City Of Roses  ” Dir. by Peter McMurran

A troubled Marine veteran returns home to bury his past, and in so doing, uncovers a city’s dark secrets causing him to choose between loyalty or truth.

“  Bloodlines: The Mogadishu Diaries 1992-1993

  ” Dir. by Eddie Clay Thompkins III

A US Marine recalls his mission to track a Somali Warlord, wherein he is confronted with love, loss and peril, in the most dangerous city in the world.

“  American Nostalgia  ” Dir. by Isaac Ballesteros Barba

Aaron Safdie, a veteran screenwriter struggles in modern Hollywood and its franchise reboots and remakes. Aaron has a mission... to write the next big franchise, the problem is... he only wants to write his original stuff.

After being denied from original films, Aaron will take matters into his hands while trying to finish the script.

“  Alta California  ” Dir. by Lynn Elliott

The time is the turbulent and violent California mission era. A mixed-blood young man, who witnessed the slaughter of his tribe and mother, now serves as an unbaptized mission scout struggling to find a home, a place he belongs in his ever evolving world.

2021 NYLA

“  Blood & Water  ” Dir. by Jonathan Stanley

Lead character Marco gets revenge for his cousins rape.

“  Ground Swell: Epic Stories of Monster Waves  ” Dir. by Paul Taublieb

An in-depth look at the 2020-2021 big wave season which is considered one of the greatest of all time. Showcasing some of the most famous big wave spots on the planet, including Nazare, Jaws, and Mavericks, while also telling the dramatic human stories behind the surfers who tackle these spots. Directed by Paul Taublieb, starring Makua Rothman, Kai Lenny, Shane Dorian, Matt Bromley, Nathan Florence and Keala Kennely.

“  HEaRD  ” Dir. by Danielle Savre

Samantha was left to carry the guilt and shame from an act that was out of her control. When she couldn’t find the words to speak, she reeled from the results of her choices — or lack thereof. Paralyzed by her trauma, Samantha reels at the thought of how to proceed. How does she move forward with this burden? And how big of a burden will it be? She is in agony as she tries to understand if speaking up would have made a difference, or if her voice was never meant to be HEARD.

“  Iron Farmer  ” Dir. by Wei-Jhih Chen

“Iron Farmer” is a modern fairy tale about how iron farmer, the leading role, live with friends and support each other. Through the interaction between iron farmer, monkey, children, and variety of robots, this animation arouses children’s awareness and understanding about empathy by the interaction between characters with whole different background.

“  Lend  ” Dir. by WeiDuo Feng

A mother suddenly met a stranger to borrow money from her,Should she lend it? How to prevent and respond? The end was unexpected......

“  Not The Only One by Sugi Dakks  ” Dir. by Marina Piche

This stunning music video encapsulates this feeling of being “caught between two worlds”, reflecting on a struggle to navigate between two competing spaces.

Through a cardboard construction world of his own making, Sugi Dakks attempts to blend into this artificial realm, while his Identity and self worth are starkly laid bare in black, white and a million painted shades of grey.

“  Pedacito de la Tierra  ” Dir. by Lina Lyte Plioplyte

The Pedacito de la Tierra (A Little Piece of Home) documentary series weaves together humanitarian, migrant & refugee, food, and sustainability issues from around the world. The series shares stories of hope, growth and community to raise awareness and support for the efforts of global humanitarian organization, Alight, and Burners Without Borders. Set in a temporary shelter in the U.S./Mexico border town of Nogales, Mexico, the film shares a touching, enlightening story of the power of togetherness in the face of strife and hardship. As a community of unsettled migrants seeking asylum in the United States, these individuals show the true essence of perseverance and faith in one another to create a better life in their temporary shelters. This tale of innovation and inspiration is told in an effort to initiate an avalanche of constructive thought, discourse, and action, and to leave a lasting social impact that increases public awareness and incites change in policy.

“  The Final Stand  ” Dir. by Vadim Shmelyov

October 1941. Fascist hordes rush to Moscow. As a result of the breakthrough of the defensive line on one of the direct highways, there were no regular units of the Red Army left and the invaders were able to move in freely. Soviet High command decides to close the gap with cadets from the Podolsk infantry and artillery schools, many of whom were about 18 years old. Their task is to hold out for five days until the reserves arrive.

The cadets held out for twelve… Аt a cost of their lives, they did not allow the enemy to reach Moscow, and thereby changed the course of war.

The film is about heroism, about love, about true friendship.

A large number of real military equipment of the 1940s was involved in the filming.

“  The Letter Not Sent  ” Dir. by Mandi Huang

Jiang Ying, a rebellious girl who is about to take her college entrance exam and has a indifferent relationship with her mother, accidentally finds a letter from her father who has been working far away from home with inconsistent handwriting and decides to go on a journey to find her father before the exam.

“  The Only Fan  ” Dir. by Marteverick Shears

The Only Fan is a Thriller that follows Alanna Pensack; a feminist Only Fan model who must survive the night once she's confronted at her home by a violent stalker.

“  The Call Us Sediciosos  ” Dir. by Iz Gutierrez

Starring Blanca Araceli from "Coco" (Disney / Pixar), Rafael Cobos Delgado ("Sin Frontera"), and Carolina Vargas ("Corazon Rebelde").

An ignored narrative of Mexican-Americans in U.S. history:
In 1915, Jovita Idár, a reporter, writer, and activist for women and Mexican-American civil rights, interviews a mother whose son has gone missing while at the hands of racist Rangers and vigilantes who have been targeting the Texas-Mexican community in the Lower Rio Grande Valley during a time known as “La Matanza” (The Massacre).

2020 NYLA

“  Daycare  ” Dir. by Lydia Kubiniec

Three moms day drink, clean each other's houses and get real about mental health while the little ones are in daycare.


  ” Dir. by Theresa June-Tao &  Thuo Sam

Crash and Burn demonstrates the evolution of Lust and/or love. The irresistible curiosity into unexpected elevated emotion- all the highs and lows that lead to finding the inner strength to admitting the truth and/or walking away from the fantasy once believed.

“  Desperate Waters  ” Dir. by Jeffry Druce

Murder mystery on a sailboat with two men and one woman onboard. Sailing from LA to Hawaii.

“  Farewell, farewell, farewell  ” Dir. by Ricardo Castro

The autobiographical journey of Ricardo Castro and his family of 17, who built their home in a secret forest. Here, they lived a utopian dream until a tragedy shattered their perfect microcosm.

“  Gilead's Protocol  ” Dir. by Dvorit Shargal

Gilead Kahn was 15 and a half years old when he died of cancer on March 1, 2018. Gilead was a very promising soccer player and fought for his life for two years. Gilead experienced not only agony and pain but also many joyful moments during his illness. He also found his first love. The film "Gilead’s Protocol" is an enterprise of his parents, not intended as a memorial film, but as a film to help parents, children, relatives, and friends cope with such a difficult situation. It examines the treatment options, how to behave, what to do, the value of medical cannabis, and the contribution of complementary medicine. This is a sad but optimistic story.

“  Half-Cocked  ” Dir. by Aaron Barrocas

Two brilliant yet shortsighted scientists find themselves ill-prepared when the experiment of their lives goes horribly right.

“  Latteship  ” Dir. by Hsing-Fang Tsai &  Daishi Takishima

Latteship is a 3D animated short created by Flora Hsing-Fang Tsai and Daishi Takishima. The animation story follows Sigri and Kona, two otters who have opposite personalities. They must learn to accept each other to cooperate in order to run a small but popular coffee truck - Sigri Coffee. The story’s theme comes from an African proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

“  Progeny  ” Dir. by Justin Daering

This is a world exactly like ours, except that the wealthy elites are aliens, living and working among us, but with one key difference: they reproduce by implanting their offspring in a human host who raises the alien child as his own. When a blue-collar man is forcibly implanted with his alien boss's parasitic offspring, he asks his wife to help him remove the parasite -- a dangerous and forbidden act that puts their marriage -- and their lives -- at risk.

“  TALK  ” Dir. by Boulanger Romuald

In a Los Angeles radio station. The host of an emblematic night talk show (William Baldwin) gives advice to live callers.

One call will destroy his career, his family, his life ...

“  The Terms of Us  ” Dir. by Roberto Sanchez

Jose Garcia, a successful actor, has a chance encounter with a homeless woman who forces him to face his past.

“  What Didn’t Kill Me ”  Dir. by Jason Coulter

You're walking home and you see something you shouldn't have...what if that something sees you?

2018 NYLA October

“  Accused Of Witchcraft  ” Dir. by Ewa Marcinowska

In February 2016, the world was gripped by the photo of a starved-to-death boy, accused of witchcraft and banished by his family and community. The two-year-old was extremely emaciated. He was living on the streets for 8 months. He was eating scraps thrown by passers-by. In order to help children like him, Dominika Kulczyk and her Foundation reaches out to African Benin.

“  Horrified  ” Dir. by Michelle Bossy

This is the Official Music Video for the single, "Horrified," by singer songwriter/producer, Brooke Josephson. The video was directed by Michelle Bossy and shot on the Arri Alexa by Cinematographer Alexander Chinnici. It had an exclusive premiere on www.ventsmagazine.com on February 27, 2018. The video features Brooke Josephson as well as her daughter Shira, as they perform the Anti Cyber Bullying anthem. The inspiration of the song came about after Brooke encountered a fellow parent at her daughter's preschool, who aired out their issues by sending a mean spirited email to a large group of parents. Brooke then wrote this anthem in response to the parent being "horrified" over something as simple as the napkin color she chose for the school fundraiser.

“  Masks  ” Dir. by Mahaliyah Ayla O

A closeted medical student risks being outed to her family the same evening a masked gunman opens fire at a gay nightclub.

“  Rearview Mirror  ” Dir. by Ruowei Wang

The driver is about to complete his American dream and is about to become a naturalized citizen. He is studying for his citizenship test as he embarks on a routine night as a rideshare driver. Through a series of encounters during his shift until which ultimately ends with confrontation with a gun-totting criminal passenger. The driver will be forced to do whatever it takes in order to see his family and son again.

“  The One  ” Dir. by Jim Simone

When a cancer survivor finally meets the man of her dreams, she is about to find out not everything is as it appears.

“ Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale  ” Dir. by Kefei Li & Connie Qin He

After a boy accidentally swallows a watermelon seed, weird things start to happen.

“  Where The Jungle Ends  ” Dir. by Joe Stucky

Haunted by a past of abandonment as a missionary child in the Philippines, Charles is facing the wolf again this time he sees him clearly. Wolf versus the man who will win? Where the Jungle Ends is inspired by the death of my brother and is a mixed media animation exploring his personal journey into the decisive moments of his life.

“  Woofy Goldberg  ” Dir. by Samuel DeAngelis

A ruthless mob boss and his inexperienced henchman interrogate the man they believe is responsible for kidnapping a close family member. An unexpected comedy ensues.

2018 NYLA May

“  Adrift  ” Dir. by Cath Le Couteur

On March 17th 1958, Vanguard, the first solar-powered satellite, was launched into space. At that time, space junk did not exist. Now, over one hundred million pieces of human-made space junk orbit the Earth. They include dead satellites, rocket parts, paint flecks, collision debris and more.

“  Blinders  ” Dir. by Edward Klau

When a man is blackmailed into murdering a blind woman, he finds an obstacle he never counted on: he falls in love. The longer he waits, the harder he falls and the tighter the noose gets around his neck.

“  Break My Senses  ” Dir. by Oleg Trofim

Surrounded by ragged walls in the city drenched in rain, we'll create not a manifesto, but poetry, stitched together with moments, where the heartbeats of the adolescent are most evident.

“  Closure  ” Dir. by Micha Linton

After the murder of his sister 20 years ago, Jordan, a reclusive journalist dedicates his life to finding her killer. Following the death of their father his estranged brother, Jamie, is forced to return home to deal with the estate. Jordan seizes the opportunity to convince Jamie that he may have finally cracked the case. But Jordan's futile mission has put a strain on the brothers' relationship and Jamie wants nothing to do with Jordan's unhealthy obsession .

“  Colloidal Croco  ” Dir. by Takashi Yoneoka

Stanley, a male child crocodile living in a zoo, was being attracted to fireworks set off far away on a certain night. But just finding him getting on a fence, Stanno, his father, brought his painful memory back and scolded Stanley severely. The next day, Stanley finally decided to escape from the zoo, with a longing heart for the outside world and rebellion spirit to his father in his mind.

“  I Got The Land  ” Dir. by Francescu Artily

After serving his time in prison for terrorism, a young man goes back home in Corsica. His grand-father just died, giving him his land as an inheritance. Such a place turns into a catalyst for change in his life. The land, his childhood playground, becomes a new experiment field to start over.

“  Maw Kitty  ” Dir. by Ian Lynch

Maw Kitty is bold, proud mature woman, owning her life, her choices (good and bad), her engaging friends, and the weird circumstance in which they find themselves: solving the mystery of a post-coital 'death.'

“  Myson  ” Dir. by Germain Lalot

MySon is a short film, shot in Vanuatu Islands, with a strong message of tolerance, humanity and kindness.

“  Rolling In The Deep  ” Dir. by Marcellus Cox

A Young African American Male travels home to South Carolina looking to achieve a goal for his late Father by having a meal at an locally famous Whites Only Diner.

“  Sanvean  ” Dir. by Elizabeth Yoder, Paul E Allan & Alina Patra

Stuck in an unhealthy grieving pattern, Sanvean’s mother, Margo, has adopted debilitating ways to hold on to memories, which bring her to a breaking point.

“  Suitable  ” Dir. by Thembi Banks

Brandy, a high school tom boy, comes to terms with her sexuality when she decides what she’ll wear to the prom.

“  The Blank Page  ” Dir. by Lou Dubigeon

A young writer fights off the intimidating blank page and others’ fantasies to discover her own voice.

“  Uma  ” Dir. by Alain Maiki

Love, drama and suspense is the main vertex of a beautiful story that enhances the intensity and honesty of true love between Uma (Alexandra Braun) and Leo (Orlando Delgado) from the moment they meet in the coast of Gaeta. An instant chemistry between them will confront struggles and challenges to stay together.

2017 NYLA October

“  Battle Buddy  ” Dir. by Lonny Stevens

Many men/women of the Armed Services deal with PTSD today, with very little social insight on their condition. Battle Buddy explores the trauma that Tommy, a homeless vet, is still suffering from as he walks the streets of LA.

“  Bedtime Story  ” Dir. by Kevin Alejandro

A debt-ridden literary agent hatches a plan to turn a lousy writer into a bestselling author.

“  Biarritz Surf Gang  ” Dir. by Nathan Curren & Pierre Denoyel

Surfing in Biarritz in the eighties was to refuse the system. An absolute thirst for pure sensations that could lead to the top of the board or straight to prison.

“  Do The Voice  ” Dir. by Darren Stein

“Do The Voice” is a musical comedy starring Lori Alan as a self-absorbed but lovable 50-year-old famous voice over actress struggling to find true love and relevancy in the unforgiving world of Hollywood.

“  Fleur  ” Dir. by Lee Rudnicki

A little girl (DYLAN) saves the life of an alien fighter pilot (FLOWER). Dylan brings Flower home, into her family's ocean front mansion ... during a reality TV shoot.

“  Flutter  ” Dir. by Vladimir Todorov

FLUTTER is a short animated film about despair, hope and the power of love.

“  Fly A Way In LA  ” Dir. by Vitor Cardoso & Catherine C. Pirotta

Sophie breaks up with Pedro and leaves a message for him written on a dollar bill that makes an unexpected journey through the city of Los Angeles.

“  I Need You  ” Dir. by Gracie Bellissimo

A short film that focuses upon true love versus excessive infatuation.

“  I’m A Man  ” Dir. by Liam Parry

After a nasty little break up, Lucy finds herself living in a new neighborhood, where she meets Cassavetes, a charming and mysterious new suitor. She soon finds that leaving her ex behind isn’t as easy as unpacking her boxes.

“  Keeping Up With The Reapers  ” Dir. by Christopher Game

Mike and Janine are your neighbors. Also, they're Reapers. It's gonna be awkward at the BBQ.

“  Los Angeles To New York: Dwan Gallery  ” Dir. by Carroll Moore

The remarkable career of gallerist and patron Virginia Dwan.

“  Poker Night  ” Dir. by Matt Ritchey

A group of poker players in Hollywood, turn a night of gambling into a prank and end up learning a life lesson when a mysterious letter shows up. Now, they have to figure out who is bluffing and who is really gambling in this test of friendship.

“  The Circle  ” Dir. by Sheldon Schwartz

A street artist reunites with his young son in Depression-era America after the sudden death of the boy's mother; what follows is a night they will never forget.

“  The Federal Empire - I.N.L.Y.F  ” Dir. by Samuel Mcknight

Two lovers reminisce over there break up.

“  The Waltz Of The Monsters  ” Dir. by Gabriele Fabbro

On an Island of people lost in routine, two young dreamers chase a better way of living by setting up a journey to prove the existence of an old legend, only to find themselves stuck as their divergent objectives get on the way.

“  Too Many Women  ” Dir. by Catherine Ventura

Singer-Songwriter, Comedian, and self-proclaimed #SelfieKing Eytan Ribner has too many women in his new music video. Or does he?

2017 NYLA May

“  2442:  ” Dir. by Homer Liwag

A girl — looking over her shoulder, hiding in a hotel room, a tattoo... what is her purpose? A special delivery only adds to the mystery.

“  Alchemist  ” Dir. by Calvin Khurniawan

An avant-garde perfumer and his apprentice rebel against the expectations of the luxurious, yet lacking in passion and identity, niche market they cater to. Together, they hope to change the perceptions of how perfume should smell like.

“  Carter & June  ” Dir. by Nicholas Kalikow

Inventive blackmail schemes, flamboyant gangsters, power politics, greed, evangelicals and sex collide in this action packed dark comedy heist.

“  Curiosity, Adventrue & Love  ” Dir. by Sunshine Lichauco de Leon & Suzanne Richiardone

Curiosity, Adventure & Love is a the story of a woman raised by fate to go boldly where few young women of her time and upbringing would go.. into the arms of chance and life. A young American woman leaves her country and all security behind, to begin an adventure in the Philippines that would witness the birth of a nation, a cruel war and Occupation and reconstruction. Jessie, is a striking personality, somewhere between Scarlett O’Hara and Amelia Earhart, who knew no boundaries and flew far ahead of her times, without regard to sex or society.
Her story of a century well-lived is both rich and one that should restore our faith in our own humanity.

“  Ditch  ” Dir. by Adrian Elliot

Set in a haunting pseudo-suburban landscape, a resentful young mother and her pliable teenage son independently decide to abandon their responsibilities on the same day.

“  Doucheaholics  ” Dir. by Sean McCarthy

Doucheaholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who exhibit poor behavior and want to better themselves in a supportive, healing, and nurturing environment. Free of judgment and hostility, DA provides a safe haven for those with proclivities for social misconduct and general immorality. With understanding and full hearts, the group moves forward, one day at a time, to present their best selves to the world and live in harmony with all mankind.

Not really.

It's just a bunch of douchebags. In a meeting. Being douchey.

“  If One Plays Music  ” Dir. by Rob Hampton

A 70's family receives a modern-day gift.

“  Life Is Horrible  ” Dir. by Rachel Zhou

Life is Horrible is a horror comedy on ordinary folks who suddenly found themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations. The stories would typically end with an ironic twist.

“  Mina Tobias: Kings & Queens  ” Dir. by Madchen Amick

Kings & Queens, starring Mina Tobias and directed by Mädchen Amick, is a music video that leads us through different worlds as we follow a young woman in love.

“  Revelation - The City Of Haze  ” Dir. by Mao Qichao

Revelation - City of Haze animated film by Mao Qichao

“  Transformation: Art Peace Imagine In India  ” Dir. by Bob Williams

Peace, Love, - and Art - produce a beautiful palette in any situation, but make for an especially poignant one when brought to a school for girls in a poor village near Kolkata, India.

“  Virgil  ” Dir. by Matthew Goodhue

Adam considers straightening up after another late night mistake with his neighbor and some wasted time with good friends. Happy 4th.

2016 NYLA (LA) October

“ Auto-Cowrecked ” Dir. by Hannah Leder

A man's life is turned upside-down by a rogue auto-correct.

“ Boundaries Of The Heart ” Dir. by Zhang Feng

Sheng, Xi’s husband, had a throat incision due to severe myelitis and depends on a resuscitator to survive. Xi’s ex-boyfriend Fugui brought up the idea of a self-built resuscitator driven by bicycle to replace the manual resuscitator that needs to be pressed by other villagers all day round, 18-21 times per minute. Such idea is strongly opposed by Zhuzi who lent 20,000 to Xi and asked the Chief to promise that Xi would marry him after Sheng dies. Nonetheless, in order to pay up hospital bills, the Chief and Xi approached to Fugui to borrow another 20,000 and made the same promise. Sheng is dying while the resuscitator being built, each and every villager, including Zhuzi, Fugui, Chief and Sheng’s mother, has been weighing the pros and cons of helping others .

“ Democracy Road ” Dir. by Michael Anton

The vast majority of the world’s population (84%) live in countries that are poor and undemocratic. The Arab Spring didn’t result in much democracy. Neither did regime change in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, experts say democracy has been on the decline around the world for the past 10 years. This film asks why democracy is so difficult and explores an issue that deserves much more attention—culture and its role in the development of democracy around the world.

“ Driver’s Ed. ” Dir. by Chase Norman

A shy, overweight young woman leaves the safety of her home for an unwelcoming high school classroom.

“ Farewell My Love ” Dir. by Zhang Dage

As a sound engineer, Ma Jun wants to return to the Chuanxi highland before getting married, where he had recorded voice with a movie team. He wants to send the last farewell to Zhuoma, a Tibetan girl who he had fell in love with. However, his financee Yang Yue is companying with him, he can’t do what he want without taking care of her feeling, so he decides to record voice all the way to cover up his emotion. On the way, Yang Yue obtaines a DV unexpectedly, and she finds a totally different Ma Jun in this DV. They starts this tour with different purpose and separated spirit.

“ Gone ” Dir. by Matthew Macar

The sudden loss of one man deeply affects three women in his life in profound and varied ways, but are they in fact just the visions of a man who has lost himself?

“ Lost Kites ” Dir. by Samuel Rich & Gabriella Fritz

“Lost Kites” follows a young film team seeking answers to the global orphan crisis, and end up meeting three kids who change their lives. Caught in street life, orphanage care, and abandonment, these three must face mountainous challenges. But the team finds hope in a powerful family-based model that will forever change the way we view orphan care.

“ Pearl ” Dir. by Patrick Osborne

Set inside their home, a beloved hatchback, Pearl follows a girl and her dad as they crisscross the country chasing their dreams. It's a story about the gifts we hand down and their power to carry love. And finding grace in the unlikeliest of places.

“ Pounce ” Dir. by Conor Chandler Simpson

After an eye-opening psychedelic experience with ayahuasca, Lucas finally faces his lifelong fear of telling Samantha, his childhood friend, that he’s in love with her. To his surprise, she reciprocates - but life has a way of pushing back. It's about letting go of fear and pursuing love even when it's complicated.

“ Prettyface ” Dir. by Jessica Janos

1969. Two teen girls encounter a family living on a movie ranch. Not any family. The Manson family.

“ Search History ” Dir. by Neil Stevens

A wife discovers her husbands search history and his obsession with a famous serial killer.

“ Slowly ” Dir. by Cassie Marin

Music video to 'Slowly' by Cassie Marin

“ The Letter ” Dir. by Becca Berry

A mother decides to leave behind her past for the chance at discovering the world and finally breaking free of her ties. Before leaving, she is forced to go beyond pen and paper and confront her daughter in order to overcome their cultural and generational divide.

“ Wall ” Dir. by Chia-Yin Chou

This is an evolutionary stories happened on ordinary street. The sight from the bottom can only see a huge foot wearing somethings nice , stepping on the poor for fun , giving leftover for handouts occasionally.

2016 NYLA (NY) May 7th

“ A Snot Adventure ” Dir. by Nig Cheng

A little boy who is sick and plays with his snot in a imaginary world.

“ Alibi ” Dir. by Habeeb Lawal

A man accused of murdering his autistic daughter pleads the 'sleepwalking' alibi. Two hard-boiled detectives want him to pay for the blood on his hands. Is the alleged killer innocent, insane ... or was he really awake the whole time?

“ Amazigh Wedding In The Anergui Valley ” Dir. by Farida Benlyazid

The village of Anergui, with its rammed-earth houses, lies in a green valley on the banks of the Assit Melloul, where almond trees live side-by-side with subsistence agriculture. This is where, in keeping with Berber tradition, Saadia and Moha are about to join their futures together, during three days of authentic rituals and ceremonies, in which each gesture embodies a symbolism that has been carefully passed down from generation to generation.

“ Appetence ” Dir. by Cristhian Andrews

A mom manipulates her “hunger-for-fame” idealistic daughter to stop eating to save the world, but not without consequences.

“ Autumn Fall ” Dir. by Jan Vardoen

Autumn Fall is an adult drama/comedy set in beautiful Oslo. Ingvld works as a lightning technician at the National Theatre but dreams of writing for the stage. However she can't stand actors. She still manages to entangle herself with two thespians, one a notorious hell raiser and she embarks on an exciting, scandalous, and utimately very dangerous journey that changes her life forever.

“ Beautiful Dreamer ” Dir. by David Gaddie

Facing a terminal disease, a mother uses space travel and relativity to stretch her last two years over the lifetime of her baby daughter, visiting for only one night every seven years. Mother and daughter must negotiate to build a relationship despite the longing and estrangement that mark the moments they are able to share.

“ BTH: The Bradley Theodore Documentary ”

Dir. by Benjamin Di Giacomo

The first short documentary by director Benjamin di Giacomo offers a unique glimpse into the life and mind of the thriving New York City based artist Bradley Theodore.

“ Counterpoint ” Dir. by Robbie Vicencio

Twin sister rockers Roxy and Sissy Jones are on the cusp of super-stardom when an intergalactic war lands right on their doorstep, as two members of the persecuted and hunted Thall race inhabit their bodies as a refuge from their pursuers, the Traids.

“ Cage ” Dir. by Pengpeng Du

Life is liberty in a CAGE. CAGE represents a situation that is filled with a lot of constraints, or a habit or an addiction that is hard to get rid of. This project is to present a Chinese cultural and traditional visual style to audiences. On the other hand, CAGE tries to inspire them to recall their memory and consider what is the meaning of life to them individually.

“ Dionysus&Apollo ” Dir. by Grace Gao

Inspired by Nietzsche's essay 'Dionysus&Apollo', this experimental short film presents the world of young female artist Hélène finding the balance between two extreme sides of art. Her triangular relationship with the two male characters metaphorically represents the the artist's relationship with the two sides of art. In the end Hélène reaches unexpected sexual awakening and enlightenment as an artist.

“ Don’t Get Tagged ” Dir. by Jermiah Victor

KidsServe.com founder Jermiah Joseph saw a need for kids his age and under to get the message about Human Trafficking before it is too late.

“ Endurable ” Dir. by Joseph Grout

Endurable follows Unit 19, a robot, who comes online only to find himself broken and out of repair. We join him as he embarks on a journeys to be more then a broken robot.

“ Flung ” Dir. by Christopher Warre Smets

Flung is about a young woman who visits an old friend in New York City, and struggles with her deepening feelings for him as they engage in an unexpected fling.

“ He Said What Now? ” Dir. by Brooke Jacoby & Ashley Jacoby

Four single women decide to take a chance at a speed dating event held by an online dating site.

“ Just Imagine ” Dir. by Sarah K. Moss

An apprehensive young woman foresees a terrible outcome with every passing opportunity, until one day when she imagines something better for herself.

“ Love & Darkness ” Dir. by Shelly Carmel

A woman is sitting in front of her man. He tells her that he is leaving and from her sadness she dives into her own world- a surreal world- where she can fly above the hurt

“ Misalignment ” Dir. by Jeremy Nelson

Sometimes it takes being with the wrong person to know when you have met the right one. Misalignment is a story about love, choices, and discovering what's really important in this quirky, cute romantic comedy.

“ My Dad Didn’t Believe In Heaven, And Neither Do I

” Dir. by Ryan Larkin

In the wake of his father's untimely death, a young man runs through the highlights of their bizarre and contentious relationship.

“ Plus! ” Dir. by Sandra Chuma

In the fashion industry, the majority are the minority. 'Plus-size' is virtually invisible in mainstream fashion, despite 65 percent of American women being size 14 or larger. PLUS! tells the story of five women trying to change that.

“ Rose ” Dir. by Daniel DeStefano

Experience the film Indiewire said "...combines love, horror and more than a dash of Lynchian-inspired madness". See if you can unlock the mystery of the beautiful Rose and see what she has in store for her latest visitor. Will he survive to tell the tale? DESETEFA films presents, ROSE.

“ Shadowboxing ” Dir. by Joshua Durham

An aspiring boxer must face the shadows that haunt him before he can step into the ring. After surviving a tragedy, James has shut himself off from the world. When a new chance at love and a fight begin to contend with his pain, James must decide to stay in the corner or find out what happens when he starts punching back.

“ Stand Still ” Dir. by Sivan Levy

Stand Still portray the long distance relationship, of an amorous couple escaping to a virtual fantastic getaway.

“ The Fragility Of Love ” Dir. by David Terra

Truth is a 13 year old Brooklyn street artist who just had his heart broken for the first time. Jake, an aspiring musician who is a big brother figure to Truth, attempts to cheer him up by imparting some sage wisdom about life and relationships.

“ The Suburbs Go On Forever ” Dir. by Mark Day

A film exploring the facade of the suburban family and naivety towards sexual absolution through protagonist Felicity's affair with her professor.

“ The Trade ” Dir. by Michael A. Pinckney

From prostitution to human trafficking to porn, 'The Trade' follows a day in the life of a young prostitute searching for her mother and a photojournalist searching for his missing daughter. A handful of disparate people's lives intertwine as they all play their respective parts in this dark and dirty place where sex rules and green is the only color that matters.

“ This Modern Man Is Beat ” Dir. by Alex Merkin

In a world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, Habib bin Habib al Fulan sells his guitar and reconciles with his wife.

“ Tre Tosser ” Dir. by Peter Hausner & Snobar Avani

A story of friendship, greed and the true values of life.

“ Uncanny Valley ” Dir. by Federico Heller

In the slums of the future, VR junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away.

“ Unwritten ” Dir. by Anita R. Carroll

A young woman returns to New York City and grapples with heartbreak, loss, and things unsaid.

“ We Are All Going To Die ” Dir. by Bill Scurry & Janice Erlbaum

A gathering of friends is derailed by a blackout, which turns out to be more widespread than first thought. Some think nothing of it, and others are compelled to leave to rejoin loved ones just in case. Having no power for an extended period of time does unexpected things to a person, and emphasizes conveniences we take for granted. Eventually, an unmistakeable sound from outside signals that this is no ordinary blackout, and that dire consequences are coming.

“ We Remember ” Dir. by John Gallagher

After a night of debauchery, Anders has no idea what to expect when he is summoned to his estranged father's death bed.

“ Wide Awake ” Dir. by Min Liu

This collaboration between a Taiwanese animator and a Swiss music producer reimagines traditional Vietnamese music in a modern and surreal way.

“ Wrath Of The Blood Angel ” Dir. by Justin Morales

When tragedy befalls his family, a traumatized war veteran and troubled comic book writer seeks revenge, donning the suit of the superhero he is famous for creating.

“ YanYuan - Strange Connection ” Dir. by Nueraili Maimaitimusha

ZHAO has been visiting Chinese brothels on the Lower East Side for many years, but one girl stands out to him in particular. We follow Zhao in his struggle to accept his love for her and ultimately help her escape prostitution, or return to the comfort of his old life.

“ Yosemite ” Dir. by Oliver Goetzl

Yosemite National Park is a place of superlatives. Where else can you find sheer granite cliffs 900 meters high and giant sequoias well over 1000 years old? Beneath these towering heights live animals that make Yosemite their home: from bobcats, to black bears, to coyotes and golden eagles. Follow Yosemite's inhabitants throughout the seasons, in a unique portrait of this legendary park.

2015 NYLA (LA) October 17th

“Aero” Dir. by Arturo Vargas

A troubled drug dealer encounters a dying supernatural being who can save him and his girlfriend's life if only he can restore it's health.

“Angel” Dir. by Marty Wei

A woman running away from the abusive husband with her little girl having no money, no backup, and no place to go.  At that night, the woman wants to end it all, until her daughter comes along.

“Beyond Good And Evil” Dir. by Kshitij Bal

In 2028, in a world without men, an injured Clementine and her mother, Hera are taken in by two sisters, Lilith and Isabel. However, when Hera decides to kill the sisters & make their cabin her own, Clem has to choose between the logical & brutal violence of Hera & the humanism & empathy of Lilith.

“Cadillac City” Dir. by Frederick Keeve

A coming-of-age teen-age dramedy that follows six teenagers who ditch high school graduation to explore Los Angeles over one day and night, confronting their darkest secrets and envisioning their most passionate dreams.

“Codey” Dir. by Lai, Wei Chun

Have you ever thought about how wonderful it is when you live in the internet world? Shuttling in the cloud (at high speed), gathering information immediately, talking to strangers anonymously, playing games anytime…etc. However, does that really safe when we over-rely on internet? Or the information is too transparent to let us have privacy?

“Crash Testing” Dir. by Yuting Hsueh

A car crash test dummy records his fantasy and longing by a flip book, where the individual pictures in the book are the paintings from his face during the crash.

“dOur” Dir. by Colin Korbelas

Shot entirely on location in Tokyo, Japan -- “dOur” is the story of a despondent schizophrenic who is tormented by her own hallucinations.

“Emotions” Dir. by Carlos Hurtado

Conflicting emotions leads to a dark path. Music artist 'Socioo' releases his new music video 'Emotions / Emociones Traviesas ' by awarding winning director Carlos A. Hurtado. With a special performance by actress Nitzia Chama who is a TV host on 'WAKE UP LOS ANGELES' on Univision 34.

“Jackie Boy” Dir. by Musashi Alexander

In a world morally bankrupt by social media, a mysterious stranger lurks in the shadows seeking vengeance on the selfie generation..

“K7” Dir. by Jan Inberg

A young woman with a difficult past, works as a cleaner in the city hospital where she does night shifts in the cellar floor K7.  K7 is a psychological horror film about the gaps in our society, misuse of power, and the triumph of life over death.

“Marriage: Shattered Vows” Dir. by Peter Hatch & Karla Plimmer

With changes in society leading to a fall in marriage and rise in divorce, is it possible that the institution has outlived its function?

“Other People’s Children” Dir. by Liz Hinlein

Reeling from the death of her famous father, filmmaker Samantha Trassler (Diane Marshall-Green) falls down the rabbit hole of PK (Chad Michael Murray), a charismatic homeless man who becomes the subject of her latest documentary. She is at loose ends until P.K. gives her renewed purpose. Their affair, however, threatens to tear apart the fabric of both of their lives.

“Our People” Dir. by Payne Lindsey

An exploration of humanity in America.

“Play Violet For Me” Dir. by Matt Mercer

An obsessed loner gets embroiled in a twisted murder scheme after finding the object of his affection dead on her kitchen floor.

“Stars” Dir. by Krista Vernoff

Haunted by the traumas of her own childhood, a woman makes a powerful decision regarding her daughter.

“The Present” Dir. by Jacob Frey

Jake spends most of his time playing videogames indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.

2015 NYLA (NY) May 9th

“11 Minutes” Dir. by Tom Botchii Skowronski 

The last 11 minutes in the life of a workplace shooter. Told by the director's own suicide note, used as the script for the film.

“Before The Bomb” Dir. by Tannaz Hazemi

10 year old Elsa takes matters into her own hands when Child Services plans a visit that could separate her from her 5 year old brother.

“Blade #1” Dir. by Zuzka Kurtz 

Struggling financially, 5 NYC dancers respond to a Craigslist ad offering large amounts of money to women for shaving their heads.  The film focuses on Cori, a dancer whose unusual childhood comes into play as the women's relationship with the men evolves with surprising results.

“Bruno's” Dir. by Zane Miller

At one time Bruno's was the hottest music club in town, however, in present day, the bar is old and dilapidated. Jeff Manchini, son of Vince Manchini, one of the clubs performers from it's heyday, teams up with his dad in an attempt to revive Bruno's popularity. However, 'getting the band back together' proves to be harder than they thought.

“Chromosome 4” Dir. by Daniel Diosdado

Alicia tries to calm down in the restroom of a police station. They have been questioning her about the disappearance of her 3-year-old son. She swears that she has nothing to do with it, that somebody else took him... Somebody who came from a different place... from a different planet.

“Damaged Goods” Dir. by Sophie Finkelstein

After a public meltdown lands celebutante actress Nola Lyons under house arrest, it's up to Penny, her assistant and only remaining friend, to keep her sober for her parole hearing before their friendship melts down as well.

“Damien” Dir. by Josh Frizzell

Damien is a coming of 'middle' age film.

Steve sees his youth slipping away, his future is all laid out and it scares him. He was a rebel, he ran with the wolves! Lived on the edge! How did he end up so... Middle class?

“Failure Groupies” Dir. by Mandira Chauhan 

A comedy that follows a group of suburban post 9-11 tweens who set up a spy mission to get their temperamental teacher fired when they fail a group project.

“Falling To Pieces” Dir. by Chris Connolly & Vivian Connolly 

When young widow Cassandra seeks out the recipients of her husband's organs, each meeting proves more disastrous than the last.

“Father Like Son” Dir. by Derek Shane Garcia

A disturbed young man gets off a bus at Port Authority in New York City during a massive hurricane to try and track down his father who he believes is in Coney Island.

“If The Trees Could Talk” Dir. by Michael Weinstein

A young JEWISH GIRL and her family escape the ghetto and seek refuge in the forest. Struggling to survive, their horror is compounded by what may be the girl's ultimate demise. Can she be saved by a spiritual force more powerful than we can imagine?

“Impromtu” Dir. by Luigi  Comandatore

An adventure with world famous Brazilian Pianist Juliana D'agostini.

“Keeper of the Past” Dir. by Marco J. Riedl

Farmer Finn van Hagen begins a New Life and moves with his wife and his two children out to the country. He now lives on an old, idyllic farm...in the middle of nowhere...to his eyes, in a Perfect World.  One day a Stranger appears, out of the blue. He asks Finn strange questions and tries to draw a well-kept secret from his daughter Verlanda: The whereabouts of a music box, in which Finn's past lies hidden..a past, he has long forgotten...

“Laces” Dir. by Jenny McQuaile

Laces is the story of an heroic team of African soccer coaches, changing the face of Liberia one soccer game at a time.

The brave Liberians, who themselves lived through 14 years of brutal civil war, are rising up a new generation of children to not repeat their mistakes and never see war again.

During the 14 years of the Liberian Civil War (1989-2003) children as young as four were handed machetes and machine guns and turned into killing machines.

Now, the children of Liberia are learning important life lessons and social skills through the most popular sport in the world: Soccer!

“Made in New York” Dir. by Jeremy Cohen & Paulina Gerzon

Two New York college students reach the point in their relationship when one wants to meet the other's parents.

“Miss Mystery” Dir. by Antón Goenechea

When star football player, Todd Fitzpatrick, receives an unexpected visit from his biggest, most frenetic fan, Molly, he is met with a proposition he can´t refuse that will change his life forever.

“My Movies” Dir. by Onn Halpern & Liel Simon

How come the movies ends always work out? And how come that despite all these cheesy cliches we leave the cinema and fantasize about living in these movies?

“On Golden Years” Dir. by Tirlok Malik

There are Three million Indians in America. Only one place to retire. This is a story about a slice of life in an only Indian retirement community in Florida. On this Valentine’s Day saint valentines who disguises as a temporary manager comes to visit retirement community. Residents discover that retirement was never visioned like this . like they say “In golden years, nothing else matters except love” It’s a romantic emotional comedy

“PACIFIC EDGE” Dir. by Maggie Grant

A story of love, relationships, finding out what is important in life, repairing hearts. An older man encounters a young girl who is at a crossroads in her life. Through the mistakes that he has made in his own life and the help of his loving wife, he helps her to find her way, while finding his own way himself.

“Preying For Mercy” Dir. by Bill Duke

LAPD Detective Frank Gates is a hard working cop, a loving father and husband, and an all around good man.

“Rogue Assistant” Dir. by Juliet Clare Warren

'Rogue Assistant' follows Rachel, (25) an aspiring writer and current assistant to actress Jessica Clare Wilson (45) who's trying to make her big Hollywood comeback in a B level Werewolf movie. Their lives are different and yet similar in ways one wouldn't expect.

“Sam's Box” Dir. by Felipe Gon

Due to tragic events, two really lonely guys hatch a series of plans to take their own lives. But do they really stick to their plan and commit suicide?

“Sliced” Dir. by Jiaxuan Hu

Sliced is a dark comedy about the tragic loss of the bottom half of a koala, he struggles his way through destructed forest in order to put himself back together.

“Switch Man” Dir. by Hsun-Chun Chuang & Shao-Kuei Tong

In a normal quiet Sunday, Dr. Evil Mantis attacted K-City unexpectedly with his gigantic claw, the entire city in panic and in danger. At the very critical moment, one young man stood out and fight the Dr. Evil Mantis. This is the moment for the hidden superhero, and his secret power is about to turn this chaos upside down. The Legend is about to begin...

“The Baxter Street Blues” Dir. by Erica Fabri & Jose  Infante

'The Baxter Street Blues' is a short film based on the poem by the same name by poet, Erica Miriam Fabri. It was produced by the music / poetry / film-making - duo 'The Robin & The Lady Poet.' Starring: Erica Miriam Fabri, Robin Andre and Sandeep Rehal.

“The Last Dance” Dir. by Audevian Monda

A Japanese student has an encounter that reminds him of home.

“The Rebuild” Dir. by Okke Rutte

A young widow wants to move forward by scattering her late husband's ashes on New York’s East River. She falls for local carpenter Jake, who rows her out, but soon learns she’s not the only one trying to rebuild her life. Grieving is brutal - dating is worse.

“Till We Meet Again” Dir. by Bank Tangjaitrong

A multilayered indie drama that follows a couple, Erik and Joanna through their two completely different journeys in Thailand and simultaneously reveals their past in New York through flash backs.

“Zizi And Honeyboy” Dir. by Brett Donowho

Often interviewed on CNN, Oprah, and NBC, world renowned trend forecaster and best-selling author Gerald Celente is suddenly blackballed by the news media. The controversial Gerald experiences an absolute fall from grace that takes him to a dark, confusing and unfamiliar place. The only person he has around him is his Zizi, or 'Aunt' in Italian. Zizi is a humble, sage-like woman who embodies some of the best of what her fading generation had to offer. Over small talk and an impressive home cooked dinner, Gerald's mood turns darker. In addition to the demise of his career, his wife abandoned him. But Zizi's unhampered spirit carries Gerald, subtly teaching him the power of the human spirit and ultimately, teaching him about himself.

2014 NYLA (LA) October 26th

All of the People” Dir. by JC Pratt

Intergalactic travelers observe the rich and powerful using material possessions to lure the naive into becoming cheap laborers, forced to manufacture the very items they were deceived with.

Hell of a Date” Dir. by Randall Shea

Dracula has emerged from his baneful slumber to trawl internet dating sites.

Lockdown” Dir. by Rebecca George

When five college freshman theater students get trapped in the theater overnight due to a campus-wide lockdown, they are forced to face questions and issues they've never faced before. Lockdown is a story about relating to others and learning to understand yourself in the process.

Luce di Vita” Dir. by William Misquith

A young lady creates a wonderful world along with the rhythm of music.

Mito” Dir. by Josh Dixon

Mito is a documentary short film that tells the heart-wrenching story of Brad Bobier and his battle against mitochondrial disease, a disease which [as of 2014] has yet to be properly diagnosed and treated.

Music Box” Dir. by Jason Heinrich

After discovering a mysterious music box on a routine ghetto sweep, a sadistic Nazi officer meets an unlikely survivor - an eight year old girl. However when the officer reveals his true colors, he soon realizes that the girl has a dark and deadly secret.

Painting the Way to the Moon ” Dir. by Jacob Okada

Produced by Jacob Okada, Adam Morrow & Carylanna Taylor

'Painting the Way to the Moon' is a documentary about Princeton mathematician and artist Ed Belbruno and how he found a new way of space travel. Despite opposition from his peers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, Ed plowed ahead and found inspiration through his art to uncover the mathematics behind his theory.

Ramona Flowers” Dir. by Bouha Kazmi

A mysterious masked stranger and a boy form the centrepiece of a gathering of elderly society women who yearn for their youth and the exquisite command of their lure.

RUN CRAB RUN!” Dir. by Wei lu

The story is about two crabs trying to escape from a kitchen so that they can avoid being cooked. The main crab characters are one old and one young. The older crab is arbitrary and does not listen to the younger crab until he is proved wrong. He attempts a painful way to escape to protect the younger crab.

Someone I Know” Dir. by Aaron Justice

At rock bottom, Derek, a young alcoholic/addict sets out to take his own life. Upon following the vision of a mysterious figure, Derek experiences a spiritual moment of clarity that will lead him to make decisions that will change his entire life forever.

The 636” Dir. by Mark Travis

We find Hope in the most challenging circumstances. Hope (Keesha Sharp) is adjusting to new life after losing her husband, her home and her life. Still a single mother to her beautiful son Gabe (Armani Jackson), she must find a way to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward while helping her son heal from what he has seen. Once an adversary but now a sick woman, Rose (Joan Van Ark) must stay with Hope and depend on her daughter-in-law despite her Southern pride against such weakness.

The Columbia Steps” Dir. by Jensen Davis

Getting in to college can be horrible, but this movie finds the humor in it. Set in a college admissions office, two applicants discover a surprising competition awaits them.

The Fisherman” Dir. by Stefano  Pennisi

This short film takes on the form of a visual poem . On a cold winter day, an old fisherman walks down a dock and begins to fish. While standing alone on the dock he begins to remember a distant memory.
As a young man, while fishing alone at sea, he comes across a beautiful girl swimming in the water. Drawn to her beauty and unsure if she is real or imaginary, he spends his entire life trying to find her again.

The Greatest Gift” Dir. by Yilei Zhou

A heart-warming story about a Chinese girl, Ling, who tries to honor her parents with the expensive foreign food as a gift on Chinese New Year.

The Six O'Clock” Dir. by judy starkman

“The Six O’Clock” is the story of a man who strives for perfection in his job. As his daily ritual unfolds before our eyes, the precision in his life is evident. Everything is organized and timed down to the minute. It is clear to the audience that his work commences each night at six o’clock, and each day he prepares himself with a rigorous briefing on all of the world’s top news developments. This man is smart, extremely well informed, and completely up to date for his nightly performance. But what exactly does he do each evening? In a twist at the end of the film, the audience is left wondering if the entire episode is a career tragedy, an unfulfilled fantasy, or simply an illusion.

Then There Was” Dir. by Louis  Mandylor

Then There Was is the story of four rebellious teenagers, an expectant couple and a lone survival expert confronted by a global blackout in a small New England town and their struggle for survival as society falls apart around them. Combating fatigue and hunger the residents of Charlemont, Massachusetts prepare to defend themselves from migrating refugees bent on attacking the townspeople to insure their own prosperity.

Wild & Precious” Dir. by Cusi Cram

In this dark-ensemble comedy, a family’s deep dysfunction and buried affections are slowly revealed over the course of an afternoon before a funeral. Sparks fly when Enid (Phyllis Somerville) arrives for her ex-husband’s service. Enid storms off and everyone, including her much younger boyfriend, her antagonistic daughters and their puzzled husbands are either too exhausted or afraid to try and console her. None of this sits well with Leah (Sam Schuder), the youngest member of the clan. Leah faces her fears and confronts her terrifying grandmother. Leah asks Enid the questions no one has ever dared ask —and the answers prove to be a small revelation.

2014 NYLA (NY) May 10th

“528” Dir. by Anthony Pietromonaco

Set on a distant mining colony, 528 is a a love story chronicling the life of a robot struggling against the confines of the purpose for which she was intended. 528 asks the question, what does it mean to be human?

“Changelings: Cambions” Dir. by Vincent Veloso

Supernaturals have walked amongst the living for millennia. The wiser ones know the value of being unseen. Something now hunts them & the investigating NYPD officers & detectives, something that doesn't understand pity, fear, or pain

“Chimerical” Dir. by Johnny Pickavance

CHIMERICAL is a short, suspense thriller that explores friendship, obsession and stopping at nothing to achieve your desires. What begins as a playful game of chess between an ex-couple soon becomes an unexpected love triangle saga with shocking revelations.

“Cop-Doc” Dir. by Doug Bost

COP-DOC is a high concept parody of every cop show and medical drama you've ever seen all rolled into one absurd joyride.

“Faceless” Dir. by Tony James Corujo

Wallace Hayworth struggles to overcome Chronic Avoidant Identity Syndrome (CAIS), a condition in which he wakes up every day looking like a different person.

“Frequence” Dir. by David Mboussou

While secretly recording the quarrel of a couple, a priest makes a terrible discovery.

“Gamma Haze-Bodies” Dir. by Ian Cinco

In this hypnotic music video a mystic and three entrancing priestesses perform a bizarre ritual. Through the juxtaposition of grotesque and beautiful imagery, one can experience both a viscerally evocative exploration of the physical body and a meditation on the transformative ability of the human psyche.

“In The Black” Dir. by Vincent Talenti

After realizing not all is lost, a Lieutenant is determined to regain control. In the far future, Lieutenant Fox regains conscience after a battle in space where her team has been ambushed. After being contacted by Albatros, soon she realizes one of her men are still alive. This is Mark, one of her best and closest. In an effort to bring him back to base with her, with almost no resources, she attempts to save him and commands action.

“In The Dark” Dir. by Bettina Bilger

A modern comedy that takes us through the different stages of a new relationship, initial attraction, jealousy, miscommunication and obsessive behaviors. It touches on protecting the ego and navigating the deep passions one can have with one's neighbors, the attractive and the crazy. A love story.

“Indigo” Dir. by Paul Jerndal

Two young, lost souls in New York City share a common struggle, they are stuck in lives they do not feel they belong. She is an adored actress and he, a bike messenger. On the outside they seem like each others opposite, but on the inside they are the same. dehumanized by an internal loneliness that alienates them from feeling alive.

“Kawomera: Plant, Pray, Partner for Peace”

Dir. by Marla Mossman

In the remote town of Mbale, Uganda is a unique, interfaith community of coffee farmers who are Ugandan Jews, Muslims and Christians. They came together to export coffee for peace and religious harmony in an area containing the highest concentration of Jews and Muslims in Central Africa.
In Bugandan, they are called Peace Kawomera -Delicious Peace

“Keeley Forsyth-Then There Came A Time”

Dir. by Yvette Farmer

A lo fi music promo for indie film actress and musician Keeley Forsyth, shot in an artfully spartan living space, and evoking the spirit of punk, poetry and traditional folk to accompany with the austere sound of Then There Came A Time.

“Korn- Never Never” Dir. by Giovanni Bucci

Directed by Dutch-Italian filmmaker Giovanni Bucci - Never Never tackles the old theme of love gone bad through the unexpected perspective of time. In this video the band is seen performing through alternating scenes, shot in green screen, which some are played at super slow motion and others at very high speed. In post they were composited with 3D elements and the final result sees the band playing inside the exploded machinery of a clock, whose slick and mechanical hands inexorably travel towards and all around them. They are maneuvered by the battling clock-demon woman, the cruel mistress of time, the symbolic human soul of this machine.

“Like Plastic” Dir. by Michelle Tsiakaros

Ivelisse and Abella Pena are sisters, divided by plastic surgery. While Abella is excited
for her upcoming breast augmentation, Ivelisse wishes Abella would not go under the
knife. Should Ivelisse stick to her beliefs or support her sister? This short film explores
the struggle of beauty standards in a culture where changing your bra size means changing your identity.

“Lines & Asides” Dir. by Mary McGloin

A quirky, young-ish, indomitable actress struggles through cattle calls, kooky actors, nosy tourists and a world fraught with disappointment hoping to make her mark in the Big Apple.

“Meeting Gary” Dir. by Min Dai

A film about domestic child neglect. The story is set up in the low income, 'ghetto' neighborhood. A boy's dream of becoming a professional dancer is being ignored by his own parents because they are too busy dealing with their own life struggles. He keeps reaching out for love and understanding, but keeps getting rejected. Is anybody out there who is paying attention to this boy's most basic need for love and support? Will he carry on going and follow his dream?

“Mistake” Dir. by Artem Makarevich

It's a short story about a young woman who is suffering cause she killed her husband because of jealousy and now she has to go through her life all alone. She is repenting but there's nothing she can do. It's too late now.
It's a simple story about a human mistakes and consequences of our decisions.

“My Little Love” Dir. by Bin Song

The story of a woman who has lost the little dog who means the world to her.

Her frantic search for him and the realization she might have lost him forever.

“Neil” Dir. by Simon Reglar

Neil, an attractive, self-confident individual, and Rita, a vulnerable young woman, are taking part in a scientific experiment to discover whether love can be manufactured. After sharing a kiss, Rita's feelings from her past are bought to the surface; the question is, are they reciprocated by Neil?

“Number 2” Dir. by Jarrod Shusterman

Katie is used to her world. When she gets this way, everything is taken care of for her. They check her into the hospital, hold her, and let her out. Attempted suicide is taken very seriously by the state; However, she likes to refer to them as hiccups in her otherwise average life. The hospital staff have checked the box and let her go home, every time--well at least every time except now. Trapped in the confines of what turns into a personal interrogation room, one doctor pushes her to the edge, and himself to the brink of insanity.

“Penance” Dir. by Jeffe Wolfe

A man makes the decision to cleanse his inner demons, revealing a buried past that begs the question... can we ever truly find forgiveness? And just how far will one go to get it...

“Plastic” Dir. by Olivia Saperstein

When Brian buys a blowup doll, she becomes an unexpected party guest, and undergoes a slew of tribulations. An honest and vulgar tale, that reminds us that sometimes the way we treat a novelty item is none too different than the ways we treat each other.

“Princess” Dir. by Nat Derwin

Princess is a Comedy-Drama centered on a Mother and Daughter day on the town. Princess, a nine year old, mesmerized by a candy display in a store window. Her Mother angrily barks orders into a cell-phone. Princess wants a cake, but Mother whisks her away for a 'Mother Daughter Manicure' instead. To the Asian salon, where a mother/daughter/team waits. After settling in, Princess, with series of tricks, trying to get her Mothers attention. Failing to receive it, princess decides to revel a secret: Daddy's having an affair with the maid. Mother jumps up and intent on confronting Rosanna, but looks at Princess and changes her mind. She tells her driver Ramon to take them to the Plaza, to Princess her ice cream.

“Reasons Y I’m Single ‘I Tweet Jay Z”

Dir. by Elaine Del Valle

Reasons Y Episode 5 is also known as Reasons Y I Tweet Jay Z and is an UN Romantic Comedy Web Series-Think Sex in the City Meets Larry David.

“Songs From The Outside”

Dir. by Michael Van Ostade & Andrew Van Ostade

A mysterious sphere crash-lands in the garden of a financially troubled entrepreneur, Horace. When confronted with this object, a musical discourse follows, as he finds out that the egg-shaped object sings a most beautiful yet haunting melody.

“Stain Removal” Dir. by Mark Russell

Jules is rich, lonely and bored. To keep busy, he's been writing stories about the more exiting times from his past. When he reconnects with Constance, an old flame from the glory days, their spark is re-ignited. Is it true love or just a mess that needs to be cleaned up?

“STAN” Dir. by Meirav Haber

Stan was born with a hell of a problem: an unfortunate resemblance to the devil. Rejected by society, Stan is forced to live a life of solitude. But Stan stays hopeful, creatively seeking connection and persisting despite all odds. Stan's life is destined to change when a strange delivery arrives at his door...

“Suspicious Bulges” Dir. by Misha Collins

The Transportation Security Authority (TSA) utilizes procedures, systems and technologies to ensure the safety of airport passengers and personnel. It is argued in public forums that these security measures can sometimes seem ridiculous or extreme. “TSA America: Level Orange” is a comedic short that demonstrates just how far the TSA will go to achieve its objectives when confronted with a pregnant passenger.

“Swell” Dir. by Joey Angerone

A man coping with loss, turns to an experimental drug to help him gain a new perspective on life.

“The Happily Ever After” Dir. by Erika Burke Rossa

A perfectionist NYC housewife, plans for her anniversary, when her children wreak havoc on her home, causing her to snap and seek refuge in her bathtub.

“The Toothfairy” Dir. by Rachael Sonnenberg

8 year old Luke believes in the Toothfairy....do you?

“The Typist” Dir. by Abraham Heisler

A young man, as outdated as the typewriter he carries, longs for acceptance in a world dominated by technology. He travels from park to hipster cafe searching for 'his type' only to be rejected by technophile enthusiasts on their iPhones and iPads. Persistence sees the typist through, enabling him to find community in the most unexpected of places.

“This Is My Long Island” Dir. by Dan Marquardt

This Is My Long Island is a vibrant, educational film about the history and heritage of Long Island; the people, the places and the things.

“This Is What We Know”

Dir. by William Scurry Jr. & Janice Erlbaum

Jen is moving to Los Angeles, so she throws herself a going away party, and all her friends are invited. During the course of the party friends reunite, strangers get introduced, and maybe what goes unsaid by people has just as much meaning as what they actually say to each other.

“Twinkle” Dir. by Rosalyn Coleman

A chance encounter from a mysterious childhood friend, encourages Allison to find an inner strength to help cope in her breast cancer existence.

2013 NYLA (LA) October 26th

“Acceptance” Dir. by Nathaniel Carter

A family in despair join together for dinner on a day significant to them and the one they lost.

“Barren Island” Dir. by Tuomas Hakala

After being dumped by the love of his life, a man driving a car narrates his past and last moments as he is determined to kill himself. The fate will play one last trick on him.

“Blessings” Dir. by Wei-Jhih Chen

After constantly fighting with an evil, the protagonist is finally forced to make a choice of non-selfishness. With Taiwan traditional ceremonies for the story prototype, this animation attempts to create distinctive national features belong to Taiwan.

“Calibri” Dir. by Nathan Scialom

Four college students go on a trip to an isolated country house when they realize that they are not alone.

Contrition” Dir. by Ricardo Perez-Selsky

Contrition is a Short Film of the Crime-Noir genre. This film follows one young Catholic Priest, Father Michael Rodriguez. Michael stumbles across an attempted rape during a late night stroll through an Inner City. When Michael confronts the attacker, he accidentally kills the man. Later, he collides with the Victim he saved, only to be pulled further into her own underbelly of crime. Michael's past in the United States Army makes him the perfect protector, but this past causes him to butt heads with another Priest at his Church, Father Brenden, an Ex-IRA member from Ireland. Brendan has lost Faith in this hopeless American Community, so far away from his homeland.

“Count To Five” Dir. by Christian Vinces

Billy and Addison are two junkies who have robbed money from a gang and are trying to leave town. Yet Addison needs one more shot, and that delay may cost them all.

“Eve Angelic” Dir. by Luca Ceccarelli

What if vampires, werewolves, angels and demons were all part of the same Vatican conspiracy?

“Forcelessness” Dir. by Derrick Belcham

“Forcelessness' is the first of ten films by PRESSURES, an arts organization founded in 2013 by acclaimed filmmaker Derrick Belcham and artist Ruby Kato Attwood. The organization generates films that explore the relationship between choreography, score and the edit.

“Grace” Dir. by Haley Sims & Faye Viviana

In an artistic depiction of the beauty found in the grittiness and struggles of life, the day of a prostitute and a ballet dancer are juxtaposed against the poignant sound of 'Amazing Grace', illustrating the way in which we ultimately persevere with grace.

“Happy Birthday, Ray!” Dir. by Mark Hampton

When Percy lost his leg in a car accident, he found God, much to the confusion of his agnostic wife, Frankie. When they travel to see their old college friend Ray after not seeing him for 4 years, they are faced with a polarizing choice when he tells them he is dying of cancer and wants them to help him kill himself.

“I Love You” Dir. by Renji Philip

A young woman relives the first of 102 very special memories.

“Icarus Down” Dir. by Paul Nicoletos

A military vessel is shot down in an unknown planet, creating darkness and chaos amongst its passengers.

“Impact” Dir. by Flo Villane

Michael Franzese, former Capo of the Columbo Crime Family, allows a Southern California High School film and video classes to make a documentary revealing his transformation from an underground life of crime to a ministry of helping young people across the country. Story entails
the preparation of his visit and testimonies of his 'IMAPCT'. Students at risk called 'The Warrior Academy' was the targeted student group to whom Michael directed his message. Guest counselor from Princeton University, Dr. JC Alvarez works with students at risk to fully understand and embrace the IMPACT of Michael's message. The arc of the film starts with plot points of doubt from all those involved in the preparation of his visit and concludes with astounding testimonies of praise and hope.

“In Harmony” Dir. by Joel Blacker

Lucy is a struggling artist who idolizes her friend Tyler's 'perfect life'; but when Lucy finds herself drawn to Tyler's boyfriend Marcus, she finds out the life she exalted is far from perfect.

“Inch-Artful Dodger” Dir. by Felipe P. Soares

While searching for a missing person in the Redwood Forest, iNCH uncovers a conspiracy surrounding one our greatest myths, Bigfoot.

“Library” Dir. by Rose Brauner

When the written word has been destroyed in the name of power, many are forced to seek out creative means of preserving and attaining it.

“Lunch With Jeremiah” Dir. by Shelton Mack

Estranged brothers meet for lunch to reconnect but when secrets are revealed , both of their faiths are tested.

“Marriage Of Inconvenience” Dir. by Franklin Rho

On the steps of City Hall, a pastor's wife must join her husband in protest against gay marriage, or compromise her religious beliefs to join her gay son on his wedding day.

“My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech” Dir. by Justin Baldoni

Zach Sobiech is a 17 year old diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. With only months to live, Zach turned to music to say goodbye to his friends and family, not realizing how big of an impact it would have on the world.

“My Only Son” Dir. by Geoffroy Faugerolas

'My Only Son,' based on a true story, tells the story of a young Veteran's battle during the onset of schizophrenia in his 20s. It is the story of his struggle for acceptance and understanding from his friends, family and himself while he battled the onset of schizophrenia. Unfortunately, his symptoms cause him to be increasingly alienated and his relationships with friends and family to crumble when that support system is needed the most.

“Oblivion” Dir. by Xiaoou Zhang

Elizaveta is trapped in a love triangle with her husband and an accordionist. One morning she wakes up facing the choice between her idea of love and the comfort of life. How does one carry on when you begin to understand there is no winner in the battle of love.

“Off-Season” Dir. by David Charbonier

In the wake of a horrifying hunting accident, a couple must choose between their freedom and their conscience.

“Only Me (Solo You)” Dir. by Carlos Hurtado

Visual Art music video for latin artist SOCIOO spanish single 'Only Me / Solo Yo.' A story where love takes the wrong turn.

“Our Love” Dir. by Artino Ahmadi

Two young best friends secretly play in their beautiful attic play fort. Shadow puppets dance on the sheets. They're creating something but we don't know what. One girl reveals a glowing crystal. The light grows brighter;closing their eyes, they know where they're going. FLASH! It's winter. Dressed for winter, the now adult friends wake in the deep snow which covers the land. Not knowing where to go, they start walking. They are there to save their friend. Following a trail, they meet the Unicorn, not a shadow puppet, the real thing! While playing they are hunted by the dragon which chases and tries to attack them. They are on the run. One girl knows she must save the other. FLASH! Back to 'reality' now a dark, lonely attic with only one little girl? A moving truck is being loaded outside. The other girl is moving away...was this just a dream?

“Proxy” Dir. by Aaron Justice

On the precipice of making life changing decisions, a young woman struggles with the memories of her past in order to face her uncertain future.

“Sand Storm” Dir. by Geoff Erwin

SAND STORM is the story of Andre Thompson, a U.S. Army Veteran who can't tell the difference between being at home with his wife and two young daughters, and the worst battle he ever saw.

“Sober” Dir. by Marta McGonagle

After a mother drinks with her teenage daughter and friends, she is forced to face the consequences of her alcoholism when an almost fatal car wreck paralyzes a 15 year old girl. This is based on my true story that I have shared at various high schools across the US and on Good Morning America. With this film, I hope to prevent others from making the same mistake that I did and ultimately helping to save lives.

“Sticks and Stones” Dir. by Chloe Dahl

This is a true story about a fourteen year-old girl named Emma. Just like any other girl, Emma has a crush; only this crush is on a girl named Alice. Although Emma is a great kid, no matter how hard she tries, she is socially rejected and bullied by her peers. Never the less, her attempts to fit in are relentless.

“The Boarder” Dir. by Jolene Adams

The Boarder follows eleven-year-old Carl, who is adopted into a loving family by Zeb and his wife Annika. Zeb bonds easily with Carl but the burden of raising this new addition to the family pushes Annika's sanity to the limit. Carl's transition into the new family goes smoothly until Annika accuses him of criminally-disturbed behavior. Zeb is surprised by his wife's resistance to their new son and isn't sure if it's Annika's or Carl's dark side that is being revealed. The battle-weary couple finds themselves in therapy with Dr. Logan, who diagnoses Carl with Reactive Attachment Disorder. The Boarder is an honest portrayal of the real life experiences of families with children who have experienced trauma at an early age in their life.

“The Cadaver’s Swan Song” Dir. by Robert Mai

In the aftermath of a gruesome epidemic and the collapse of the Health care system, Two friends will have to deal with a surreal hospital staff and their own dissolving friendship in order to acquire medical help.

“The Hardest Part” Dir. by Eve Danzeisen

This is a story of being sick, not knowing what's wrong, and getting through the hardest part.

“The Journalist” Dir. by Yazhen Zhang & Amanda Zhang

A journalist is trying to write a report about a 'hero in real life', he visits the family try to see what he can get, ends up finding out something he never expected...

“These Things I do That Others May Live” Dir. by Austin Priester

A group of men must live up to the motto they live by.

“Undermine” Dir. by Kane Lee Kwik Allan & Julio Cesar Rodriguez

'Undermine' is Sour Soul's new short film video based on Marco Paul's obscure and obsessive dream witch repeated itself every night during a 4 year period of his childhood. This conceptual 7;00min short film was Directed by Kane Lee Kwik & Julio Cesar Rodriguez. Produced by Mexican Art Collective We Are Dags in collaboration with Guayabo Films.

“Valediction” Dir. by Rodrigo Correia

Valediction is the story of Burt, a morgue attendant who had a passionate relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tiffany. While working in the morgue he has disturbed thoughts and hallucinations with dead corpses. In order to regain peace of mind and move on with his life, Burt needs to reconnect with Tiffany one last time.

“Vertigo” Dir. by Justin Thomas Ostensen

'Vertigo' is an action packed music video with intense storyline and alluring, sexy, thrilling dance/fight sequences throughout complimenting an upbeat dance/pop track by sensational artist/actress Genevieve Mariko Wilson.At the helm, director/writer Justin Thomas Ostensen enlisted a top-notch creative team all around producing a superb and high quality music video. And 'Vertigo''s storyline is currently in pre-production for an on-going webseries.